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Madison Square Garden:Manhattan

Redone Garden. Clean restrooms. Phish concert #2 for me this year. Yahoo.

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Thai Restaurant opposite MoMA:Manhattan

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Wow. They actually make signs for Asian employees to wash their hands using bad grammar. Check it out.

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Bernard B Jacobs Theater:Manhattan

Glad to see these charming old theaters are redoing their restrooms to accommodate the numbers who come. The line was as long for the men and the ladies tonight. Though we did move along swiftly. Saw Once and though I had loved the movie, didn't believe those who said it was worth seeing the musical. It is!

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Water Kerr Theater:Manhattan

Who many ways can you shoot a theater restroom? Thought I would try a shoe shot. Not sure it worked. The Heiress- the play here- did. Lots of film stars on stage and they did themselves proud. I have a crush on David Strathairn and despised his character by the end.

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Now this is an unusual toilet paper holder. Reminds me of the south if France where they still have skilled metal forgers. Great new discovery for pre-theater. Lots of middle eastern small bites- adored the grilled eggplant with yogurt- and an assortment if main dishes all of which were fresh and tasty. Fun ambience as well.

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Dunkin donuts:Madison,CT

Out delivering For Meals On wheels today and not only had to pee but needed cream cheese for the duck poppers my son is planning to make later. This is the only place that is open which I actually think is a good thing. First year that we have done this. Quite an experience. It will be part if our family tradition from now on.

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Private Home:Hadlyme,CT

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This little powder room gives a small hint if the pleasure of this home. In another life I would love to live here. U adore the chintz covered overstuffed furniture and touches of Oriental and Exotic treasures. The grounds are vast almost as spectacular as the house. Sigh!

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RJJulia booksellers: Madison,CT

Even the staff restroom, which I was lucky to be invite to use, has interesting literary posters. And lots if storage for office supplies by the way. Always fun to come here, but especially so with the buzz of buying for Christmas.

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State Street: New London,CT

No, I did not get out if my car and squat in the middle of downtown. Though I was tempted. This is the view out my windshield as I observed the moment of silence and the tolling if the bells for those killed in Newtown a week ago. I was glad to be in my car and reminded of the event on NPR. I do, however, that the outpouring of dollars and volunteering for this affluent town which would most likely be happier to be left alone to bury their dead and heal in silence is misplaced. I wish all that money and energy would be directed at our government to finally do something about gun control.

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Cooley Gallery:Old Lyme,CT

Extra magazine storage in this restroom. Still plenty of holiday gift options in the annual small works exhibition.

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