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Agawam Diner:Rowley,MA

Looks at that ceiling fixture and the pink Formica. This is the real deal. A diner that has been around forever and has a sign on the door that says "We proudly serve Coca Cola". Red seats and Formica table tips with juke box selections at the table. Salada tea and "white" food, but the accents and conversations and mix I patrons worth every mediocre bite.

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Wang Center:Boston,MA

Okay I am running out of things to photograph in certain locales so have decided that a series of sanitary dispensers could be interesting. Or not. I assure you that the theater is an Art Deco treasure and that Leonard Cohen will be terrific. 2nd row of the balcony. Not too shabby.

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Strange sign. Don't know the meaning and there was the regular hand washing sign by the sink. This is my son's favorite restaurant in Boston. Rivals Chester's River Tacern in his book and I have to say we had a fantastic meal with taste bud popping dishes.

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This is up there in the top 10 restrooms of all time. Sliding door I enter the anti room with chalk board walls and a sink an another sliding door I enter the restroom proper with chalk board walls and ceiling. Dark and fabulous. Couldn't stay long enough I read all the messages am too proper to add one. Also liked the food and restaurant ambience. I will return. Very near the #6 Spring street subway station.

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Gabrielle Carlson:Manhattan

I have been going to this designer's studio for almost 20 years and still wear some of my first purchases. Love seeing what she has been hand dying and how she coordinates the color theme of the restroom to match. Today is aqua. Jacket, necklace and hand towel as well.

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The Century Club:Manhattan, NY

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Love these old New York clubs. If you were homeless and could gain entry to this restroom, you could do a complete clean up. Fun members art show and great collection on the walls all around. Then there is the book lined dining room. How do you get enough stature to be a member?

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The Lighting Center:Manhattan

For a place that sells great- and expensive even if discounted- lighting you'd think they would have a decent fixture in the restroom or at least have matching bulbs in the outlet they do have, not one clear and one frosted.

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Metro North:New Haven,CT

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Yippee. A new toilet seat. And running water and a working hand dryer.

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Bradlee Airport:Hartford,CT

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Now here's a unique use of what is usually the "caution wet floor" sandwich board. Hope I didn't leave any sand in the floor.

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Private Home:Coconut Grove,FL

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Fun to be in a personal home while traveling and even more fun to celebrate a friend's 60th birthday. Bringing the personal back into focus after all this commercialism was great and even more special that if was small and with family.

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