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Century Club:Manhattan.

Restroom Etiquette for Men- put the toilet seat down before you leave.

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Metropolitan Museum of Art:Manhattan

Could be cleaner and definitely could smell better.

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Jivamukti Yoga:Manhattan

After an amazing dinner at NoMad last night, had to rouse myself and brave the early cold for yoga class this morning. I don't think this symbol means anything in any language, but it looks nice.

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Pret A Manger:Manhattan

Have you noticed that more and more restrooms are abandoning their wall mounted soap dispensers? This one reminded me of Jabba the Hut from Star Wars. After a windy 20 block walk down 7th Avenue, I am ready for a hot drink. This place is always reliable. Now to FIT to see Obsessive Shoes, something I used to have before developing a neuroma on my right foot.

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Richard Rogers Theater:Manhattan

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Such a pleasure to find cherubs decorating the walls and ceiling here. Do you think this guy has his arms crossed so as not to get sprayed by the water fountain? Or to protect himself from the less than average acting in the first act of Cat On A Hot Tin Roof? $175 per ticket and Scarlett Johansson didn't appear. Worse than that, the attendant told me the understudy is better anyway. Not saying much.

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Pergola Des Artists:Manhattan

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What fun to have a restroom with a mirror positioned so I can show off my gun stockings and the amusing art work. Just came from the Morgan Library's surrealist drawing show and this poster sort of fits the mood. After a bowl of Onion soup, off to see Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

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Private Home:Manhattan

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I know I am growing old, but I always appreciated fine linens and it is ever a pleasure to go to one if my 90 plus Aunt't apartments for they still have them. Tonight was a dinner to raise awareness of PEN and the intimate dinner for 14 included Adam Gopnik. A real treat.

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Gullotta Library:New London, CT

All lined up neatly and greenly. I love my monthly board meetings for Child and Family Agency here. While funding is always a frustration, the work if the auxiliary members and the staff and the stories of what a difference we make are invigorating and often astounding.

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River Tavern

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Nothing like a neat stack if cloth towels for hand drying. Almost as appealing as the food. On second thought....

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Private Home:Old Saybrook

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Happy Valentine's Day!

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