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Coffee Shop:Park Slope,Brooklyn

I don't like graffiti in restrooms, but I was intrigued with people leaving the walls clean here and scratching messages in the paper towel dispenser instead. Feels a bit more like art this way. Guess this is how you can tell you are in Brooklyn.

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The Brasserie:Manhattan

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To my eye this looks more like a hospital restroom than one situated in a sleekly decorated restaurant. Maybe because it is handicapped accessible, but why should they suffer such bland surroundings? The brunch was yummy however. I had eggs raclette- cheese,slices of potato,pickle and poached eggs with hollandaise.

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Weatherspoon Museum:Greensboro,NC

This very minimal typeface is indicative of the style here. Wonderful light filled spaces with a surprisingly good display of contemporary art in thoughtfully curated small shows. You never know.

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Lucky 32:Greensboro,NC

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Fun sign for the restroom. Hard to find farm fresh food here, but this place has it as well as a wisteria draped outdoor terrace where I ate with my daughters under a sunny blue sky.

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Green Valley Grill:Greensboro,NC

What woman would need this at home much less in a hotel restroom?

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Delta Terminal:LaGuardia Airport

This restroom doesn't look particularly advanced, but I feel like I have been transported into the future in almost every other way... Except it is the present. Food choices every 10 feet (I am not kidding) which thankfully include items like organic quinoa salad and almond mile yogurt. iPads on every surface from the restaurant tables to the gate side islands with bar stools. Delta has gone digital. You can even order food or drinks delivered to your seat. And I think pool bars are sinful.

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Lincoln Center:Manhattan

This is the line at the black tie 40th anniversary Chaplin Award Gala honoring Barbara Streisand. How lucky am I that my sister in law is on the board and invited me!

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Bagel Shop on E 10 St:Manhattan

What do these numbers mean? The dimension of a brick or the wall or. ... Lovely day to come to Thompson Park and watch my son play goalie in his street hockey league.

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Sol Vinyassa:Old Saybrook,CT

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Not your typical restroom sign,but not surprising to have artsy inspirational words here. My first visit to this studio which so many people I know are now visiting.

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Glastonbury Coffee Shop:Glastonbury,CT

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This establishment's nod to contemporary art! This with an old fashioned rusty crank paper towel dispenser. As for the menu, I was limited to fresh fruit- strawberries and bananas- and a mug of hot water for my own roobios tea bag. Probably says more about me than them.

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