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MGM Grand at Foxwoods:Ledyard,CT

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Impressively tasteful for a casino. Like the cactus idea. Hate coming here and hate that I am at a dinner with several hundred people with mediocre food that I have no choice but to eat. Happily I do have immense admiration for the woman being honored.

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Private Home:Newbury,MA

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A Green Pee- well only because of the color of the room which I happen to love. As my son is a marine biologist, life in his house is pretty green. Not only do I love visiting him, I also love visiting the overflow if art from my basement that now resides on his walls.

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Irving Gas Station:MA

Why would they put a list of the available products and prices in the rest room- twice? Not a bad day to be in the road with little traffic and a good book on tape- Paris A Love Story. Off to the north shore of MA to video my eldest son and his wife.

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Jose Marti Airport:Havana

Farewell Cuba and seatless toilets and toilet paper disposal cans and paying for paper.

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Hotel Santa Isabel:Havana

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In Cuba every toilet has a small plastic container which you are expected to put your toilet paper into rather than possibly clog to ancient plumbing.

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Los Mercaderes:Havana

Pinch me. Am I still in Havana? Would you believe that 30 families live in this former single home along with this private restaurant on the top floor. There is an icon is wall mural on the crumbling wall in the ground floor. Not only was Strawberries and Chocolate filmed here in the 90's, Beyonce ate here two weeks ago.

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Private Home:La Vendatta,Havanna

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This is how the successful artists live here. Unlike in the States, artists are amongst the wealthiest Cubans, especially if they are able to exhibit and sell abroad and bring those monies back to Cuba where the monthly wage is $20.

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Hotel Playa Giron:bay of Pigs,Cuba

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The flowers by the sinks are fading, but the history of the defense of the country on this spot is alive and well in the museum. Oddly this hotel has been built on the actual beach while the museum is a block away. Seems an odd choice to me. Think about it.

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Lagarta Restaurant:Cienfugos, Cub

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Shower anyone? Nice meal in this breezy pallador by the bay. So excited to be able to buy a bottle of wine of my own choosing that I shelled out $45 for a Maguis de Casaras Rioja that would be $13 at home. Oh well. Supporting the socialist economy.

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Museum of Architecture:Trinidad

I will be honest with you and admit that I did not actually pee here. This is an example of a colonial water closet here in Trinidad. Thought you would enjoy seeing it.

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