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Jeronimo’s:New Haven,CT

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Seems that I am drawn to restaurants which feature trough and spigot restroom fixtures.

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Metro North:Connecticut

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Finally a truly useful sign! I am amazed at how quickly the restrooms on the newest cars are aging. Why is that? Poor materials I guess.

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If you light a candle, you can make atmosphere happen. Also helps to use a sink that resembles a water trough with spigot handles/tap for animals. Oh, now I get it. The place is called BARN.... Duh! The food was great.

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Lyceum Theater:Manhattan

Who ever heard of a theater with a one stall restroom? And what's with the saloon style stall door? While the facilities might be odd, I can highly recommend the performance by Nathan Lane in The Nance. A terrific play and all around good cast.

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La Masseria:Manhattan

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If I can eat the kind of Italian food I just had here for lunch everyday, then this is how I want to spend my dotage.

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They say you can judge a kitchen by the cleanliness if the restroom. I hope that does not apply here. Needs some refurbishing for sure. Would not know it to be upstairs in the dining room or to eat the uptown Madison Avenue dishes. Neither restroom had any signage, just plain steel doors. Is this a snobbish statement or what? br />

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Guggenheim Museum:Manhattan

I think this restroom is asafetida or larger than the average apartment in Hong Kong. Spent 2 hours bathed in the genius of James Turrell. Worth the effort to go. Actually a transformative experience.

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Schubert Theater:New Haven,CT

This poster represents my feelings exactly- not about the restroom, but about the performer I was at the theater to see. David Byrne. Another great show combining music, lighting and choreography in a way that is rare for such events.

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The Spice Club:Niantic,CT

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Why would you place a new stack of paper towels on top of the handicapped toilet is my question? Despite this odd choice, there is no question that this is the best Asia food on the shoreline.

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Goodspeed Opera House:East Haddam, CT

This is absolutely the fanciest porta potty I have ever been in. Aside from the faux Miro print on the wall, it has MARBLE sinks!!! Nothing is too good for the Goodspeed's 50th anniversary celebration.

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