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Harkness State Park: Waterford,CT

Guess what a line of porta potties means? Yes I am at a public event. In this case a Leon Russell concert. Watched the sky turn pink/orange and picnicked on the grass. The music begins.

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Saw Mill Parkway Duncan Donuts

It is a lie. The restroom was not locked, but it was large and open with no unprotected spots. I was happy not to have to fetch the key from the attendant. Easy in, easy out.

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I hate when you have to walk half a block from the table to the restroom, but this one is so cute it is hard to stay miffed. And if prior experience holds true, the meal will be totally worth it.

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Bard Graduate Center Gallery:W. 86 St, Manhattan

This kind of glass wall tile and light fixture are more commonly found in private homes. They are very different from the style of the rest of this splendid 1906 townhouse. Also delighted to discover this gallery which a friend from London suggested I visit. I look forward to making my way more directly on the subway on future trips. Suffice it to say that heading towards Queens was not the right direction in the M.

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Private Home:South Salem,NY

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When I was a child I certainly did not have monogrammed towels. Doesn't seem to have affected my niece and nephew so far.

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Private Home:Roxbury,CT

I love the old fashioned and orderly sensibility reflected here. The morning after a 50th birthday celebration with dancing in a slanted outdoor dance floor. Challenging!

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Southfield Store: Southfield,CT,

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What a surprise to find a wall mural in this rural country cafe. Great 12 mile bike ride to get here. Huevos Rancheros are coming my way. Then the 13 mile route home.

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Norfolk Music Festival:Norfolk,CT

Yale University strikes again in thus camp like sink display. After years if passing an elegant ancient white mansion on route 44 on my way to visit friends in the Berkshires, I have finally visited this festival. The music takes place in a wonderful adirondack style shed down the hill from the main house on what turns out to be quite a large summer campus for the University's music program. Wonderful chamber music program woefully under attended.

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Jacob’s Pillow:Becket:MA

Thank goodness this woman's gaze was averted. I hate to pee with someone staring at me. I love my almost annual trip to this dance festival. This year it was a performance by Brian Brooks Moving Company. Enjoyed it.

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Hill Stead Museum:Farmington,CT

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Keeping the ambiance of this old stable, this restroom entrance has stunning deep tones wood planks. Always a joy to return to the Sunken Garden Poetry Festival, thought tonight the picnic and reading are under a tent in the back due to the rain. Way better than the old days when rain meant going inside.

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