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Shoreline Eye Group:Waterford,CT

Nothing to mitigate the sterility in this restroom. Thankfully the waiting room has some scenes of sailboats and lighthouses. This is an aging benchmark for me- first visit to an opthamalogist to understand what the black floaters in my right eye are all about.

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Funeral Home:East Hartford,CT

This inspirational placard seemed an odd choice at first. After reading it through, I felt it was fun and a good reminder of what we have to be happy about in life. Not thoughts which being in a funeral home normally elicits.


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Ocean House:Watch Hill,RI

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If you have a restroom on the beach, why bother with window panes? This beach side restaurant with Mediterranean fare is the latest addition to this immaculately groomed and charming place. The beach is as long and unsullied as ever with pleasant temps and a cool breeze. What a relief after the past week.

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Private Home:Roxbury,CT

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Using this restroom becomes almost a religious experience. I live stained glass and this is a wonderful way to hide the driveway and keep ones privacy. Rather than try to install the glass, it is laid over the existing window. So smart!

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