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Long Wharf Theater: New Haven,CT

These trough sinks are all the rage. I like the look, but being so shiny white and with overbright lighting, feels a bit like an operating scrub room. Overall the renovations here are most welcome, especially the new seats. Steve Martin's adaptation of The Underpants was entertaining and humorous. Wish he had been in the stage. Sigh.

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Brewklyn: Brooklyn, NY

This might be the first public 'bath room' sign I have seen. The Brooklyn version of Stabucks- everyone on their computer working away to organic beverages and piped in Zen music. Totally under 40 crowd.

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Metropolitan Museum: Manhattan

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Good to know the museum has back up restrooms! Here I am at the Met for the second day in a row. Yesterday I went to see the Balthus exhibition- Cats and Girls- which I liked a lot. Then back today for a lecture by the curator which was free and so informative.

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New York Historical Society: Manhattan

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Past and present in one sign. Well done! Here to see The Armory Show at 100 exhibit. Promises to be terrific.

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Alitalia #610:Rome, Italy

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Someone splashed water in this pack of tissues which makes it sort of interesting. 16 hours in Rome is only enough to remind me if what an amazing city it is. Our ancestral past on almost every street. Ciao Bella. A presto.

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Hotel Eden:Rome,Italy

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What an unusual door handle. A quick and delicious breakfast with views from the other side of the 6th floor dining room and then off to the shop I passed as it was closing last night. I did manage to purchase 3 pairs of gloves before diner at the foot of the Spanish Steps and meet the founder of Sermonata gloves who has a home in Westport, CY


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Hotel Eden: Rome,Italy

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This is the cutest waste basket I have ever seen anywhere. The marble floor is pretty swish as well. And the view from the restaurant on the 6th floor is amazing. Perfect sunset viewing and Ancient Rome musing.


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Cafe Do Mar: Leuca, Italy

Perhaps the most amusing toilet seat I have ever seen. New York taxis! Glad I mistakenly used the Senoiri for the Senore toilette. Finally had some linguini con vogole. Doesn't get any fresher than in this coastal town which is the most eastern tip of the country.


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Roadside: Gagliano del Capo, Italy

Of course, being Italy and very Catholic, there are plenty of fig leaves to hide behind. This bush was in the top terracing of a small abandoned house. I saw several on this stretch of road.


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Roadside: Castro,Italy

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Oddly there is quite a lot of prickly pear cactus in southern Italy. This sample was not sufficient to provide cover, but serves my posting purposes. I was also offered a piece of the fruit at a roadside stand en route this morning. Big, hard seeds. I suggest juicing it.

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