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Masseria Panareo:Oranto,Italy

A lot less elegant than th last Masseria, but the views out to the Adraitic are ample compensation. Plus the wifi works much better.


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For the growers amongst you, I offer this view of some of the richest soil I have ever seen. No wonder everything tastes so good here. Did you know there are 500 million olive trees in Puglia? One for every Italian. We have seen thousands over the past two days and they are magical in those numbers.

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Castle Restaurant:Corigliano,Italy

I have no idea what the line below the toilette sign says. I can tell you that many restrooms here are single and shared with the wash basin separate. In Venice most restrooms have a basin in the stall as well as basins in the outer room. Never figured that plan out.

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Today there is the occasional stand if bamboo. Excellent squatting cover.

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Bar:Santa Maria Al Bagnio, Italy

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Starting today's bike ride from this little town just north of Gallipoli. The sun is shining down for the first time this trip and I like the reflection of the Sea colors in the soap and toilet paper dispensers in the restroom. Riding across the boot today from the Mare Ionio to the Adriatic.

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Masseria Torre Coccaro:Savelletri Di Fasana

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No I did not use the men's room this morning, but thought the sign was cute and that you might be tired of the triangular female version. Hate to leave this charming resort with its profusion of flowers and Aveda spa.

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Il Brigantino:Savelletri Di Fasana,Italy

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Another Masseria which is shorter on luxury, but way beyond most for charm and historic restoration. A working olive oil producing farm with century old trees and 10 bedrooms surrounded by secluded terraces with inviting seating. Great for a wedding. We had a wine tasting, pasta making class and candle light buffet in the original olive pressing room. Amazing. Scary getting out of the narrow, twisting dirt road in a deluge of rain, but we made it.

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Cafe:Savelletri Di Fasana,Italy

What a concept- indifferent garbage. I eventually deduced that it is for miscellaneous trash as opposed to plastic or paper.

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Those are not deer droppings, they are olives. Seems it is too hard to harvest from the larger ancient trees, so they let those olives simply fall to the ground. They provide good coverage for my purposes.

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Masseria Torre Coccaro:Savelletri Di Fasana,Italy

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A former fortified farm compound turned into a Five Star Hotel is not a bad place to end the day after a 20 mile ride and then dealing with torrential rains for 2 hours. I now see how a car can be swept away. Anyone for paracycling?

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