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Charlotte Airport:NC

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Is it my imagination or are people getting friendlier at the airports? Still nice to have an airline lounge to escape to for layovers which are almost always inevitable these days, especially having risen at 5:15 to start the journey.

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T F Green Airport: Providence,RI

So glad to have a full explanation of how these driers work. Off to North Carolina. A new attitude toward heading south after seeing 12 Years A Slave last week.

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Private Home:Lyme,CT

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A year since I have dunes in this unheated former hunting cabin by a lake. It has new flooring in the kitchen (checkerboard teal and tan) and in the tiny bathroom(green flecked with white). It was as warm as toast with a fire blazing, pistou simmering and friends laughing. A spirited evening indeed.

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Bowery Theater:Manhattan

Here's a cherry sign I have not come across before. Sets the tone for the play I saw- Buyer and Cellar. Sometimes it is fun not to know anything about what you are going to see other than its tone which, in this case, was hilarious. Just go.

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Little Owl:Manhattan

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Originally was going to attach a photo of the restroom sign which says LOO, but then I opened the door and saw the RED toilet. How could I resist? This is a tiny and charming west village eatery. The food did not live up to its reputation for me, but was fine and nicely presented. Not sure why the water glasses have red roosters on them rather than owls, but I had a set just like them years ago, so they evoked a pleasant nostalgia.

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