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757 from Australia to Cambodia

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Today's vase of flowers.


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When you live on a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific, environmental signage and conservation take on a much deeper importance. And requires more detailed instructions.

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Home of Robert Louis Stevenson: Apia,Samoa

I did not know that Stevenson spent the last 4 years of his life on Samoa. The climate was good for his lungs and the people touched his heart. Not hard to understand the latter. Some of the warmest and good humored folks on the planet I dare say. Beautiful smiles, easy laughs and deeply traditional. An island were tattoos recount the family history and children wait on their parents while growing up. Not bad.

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Machu Picchu:Peru

Christmas in Peru. Looks a lot like home. Not so the ruins of this place. The genius of the Incas with architecture and stone and societal order. Llamas wander on the steeps, the clouds rise and fall around the surrounding mountains and a sense of wonder and peace pervades.

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The Monastery Hotel:Cusco,Peru

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I had heard from friends who visited Cusco that this was a special hotel and so it was. Any place that puts a blue ribbon around the bath may and the tub may is one with attention to detail. The rooms were filled with wonderful reproductions of religious art and the aura I those who had been before us infused the entire complex with a decided serenity; at least until 3am in the morning when fireworks began calling people to the cathedral to celebrate the latest festival. The food was superb with lots of quinoa which was to my liking. One of our Peruvian guides told me they use the cooked grain with apples in a blender to make a breakfast drink. I plan to try it when I get home. A nutritious and delicious meal. No wonder Peruvian cuisine is becoming so popular.

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Marco Herrera Museum: Lima,Peru

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An old mansion which now houses a fine collection of historic Peruvian artifacts. Pottery, textiles, gold and silver ornaments. And a room of what is called Erotica. It did bring to mind the karma sutra, though my guess is that it is more likely celebrating fertility. Though there used to be adamant denial that human sacrifice was practiced in ancient Peru, there has been a discovery of vessels that prove that it did exist. Dinner was a buffet of local dishes served in a grassy courtyard with lovely plantings surrounding us. A pair of musicians- one on guitar and one on a wind instrument. Rather pooped and looking forward to our 8pm arrival at the Suissotel. Sent from my iPhone hotel.


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Museum of Art and Design:Manhattan

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In the other side of the floor to ceiling metal beaded double hang is the street and across that an office building. This is so cool.

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