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Kula Yoga: Manhattan

When I go to a spot that has stones or shells, I tend to bring a few home to bring their energy into my everyday life. Clearly these folks understand that inclination. Love that they have them lining this old porcelain sink. They do seem to have been a bit confused about the color of the stall. Looks like they tried it all fuchsia to start and then decided to repaint the door gold. Works for me. And did I forget to rave about the classes here? Consider them raved about.


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National Museum of Jewish History:Philadelphia, PA

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Came to the city to see the Barnes Collection and Chasing Dreams- an exhibition about the history of minorities in Baseball- inclusive of Jews and other ethnic minorities, as well as women who actually started playing the sport in leagues in the late 1800's. The curator told me that there may soon be women in the major leagues. That would be something indeed. A terrific show in a fabulous museum which opened in its current location in 2010. Not to be missed when coming to Philly. Including a shot of the banner with Hammering Hank featured larger than life.


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