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Tintagel:Colombo, Sri Lanka

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After one night in the 'King's Suite' I was moved next door and was instantly in love with the room. It was flooded with light from the door out to the large balcony, had a lacquered red bed frame, was cosy with a very comfortable stuffed arm chair and ottoman. Could have stayed for days. Oh.. The bathroom was pretty cool as well with its raised glass shower and stone surrounds.

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Kula Yoga: Manhattan

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When I go to a spot that has stones or shells, I tend to bring a few home to bring their energy into my everyday life. Clearly these folks understand that inclination. Love that they have them lining this old porcelain sink. They do seem to have been a bit confused about the color of the stall. Looks like they tried it all fuchsia to start and then decided to repaint the door gold. Works for me. And did I forget to rave about the classes here? Consider them raved about.


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University Club: Mid-town, Manhattan

All these private clubs have a similar feel, but the chintz in this restroom really brought me back to my grandmother's apartment at the Pierre Hotel. Quite a contrast from my afternoon in the edgy shops and galleries of Chelsea. Heard a panel from the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center speak about the state of the disease. Good news- there will not only be better management, but also a cure. The science is there. Need you to send money.

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La Belle Aurore:Marigot,St Maarten

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After a three and one half hour delay due to a faulty anti skid brake part on the aircraft, I arrived to fair skies and balmy temperature. Sure is nice. As we are on the French side of the island, we had lovely food and wine at dinner. And classy glass tiles in the rest room.

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Delta Sky Club: Terminal 4, JFK Airport

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Nice to be heading to the Caribbean for a week of sailing when the temps are still below zero and more snow is forecast. This restroom certainly provides a cherry send off. The cinnamon raisin bagels weren't bad either.

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La Mamounia:Marrakech,Morocco

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This fabled grand hotel which rests just inside the walls of the medina had a facelift a few years ago and it seems worthy of all the praise it has received. Steeped in Moroccan tiling and carving with acres of plantings, outdoor and indoor infinity pools, clay tennis courts, a spa with a Hammam and a courtyard of shops, one hardly needs to leave the premises to experience the lush exoticism that is morocco, at least as celebrities like Yves St Laurent would have found it.

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Machu Picchu:Peru

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Christmas in Peru. Looks a lot like home. Not so the ruins of this place. The genius of the Incas with architecture and stone and societal order. Llamas wander on the steeps, the clouds rise and fall around the surrounding mountains and a sense of wonder and peace pervades.

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The Monastery Hotel:Cusco,Peru

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I had heard from friends who visited Cusco that this was a special hotel and so it was. Any place that puts a blue ribbon around the bath may and the tub may is one with attention to detail. The rooms were filled with wonderful reproductions of religious art and the aura I those who had been before us infused the entire complex with a decided serenity; at least until 3am in the morning when fireworks began calling people to the cathedral to celebrate the latest festival. The food was superb with lots of quinoa which was to my liking. One of our Peruvian guides told me they use the cooked grain with apples in a blender to make a breakfast drink. I plan to try it when I get home. A nutritious and delicious meal. No wonder Peruvian cuisine is becoming so popular.

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Ola Restaurant at The Sanctuary Hotel:Miami Beach,Fl

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What a concept- finding a sanctuary in Miami Beach. The stone wall feels calming and cooling. The rooms which open on the central courtyard with its interior pond and vegetation would be a sanctuary except it is crowded with tables am diners. Yes the restaurant is in the middle of the space. So who gets to be in the sanctuary?

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Private Home:Lyme,CT

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A year since I have dunes in this unheated former hunting cabin by a lake. It has new flooring in the kitchen (checkerboard teal and tan) and in the tiny bathroom(green flecked with white). It was as warm as toast with a fire blazing, pistou simmering and friends laughing. A spirited evening indeed.

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