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McDonald Observatory:Ft. Davis,TX

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I think the floor looks a bit like the Milky Way. Okay, that's a bit of a stretch, but coming to see the stars and planets at this UT funded observatory is amazing. You need a black sky to really see the lights and Ft. Davis is a dark place. The big telescopes were aimed at Jupiter whose bands and multiple moons were bright as lights at an eye exam.

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George Bush Intercontinental Airport:Austin,TX

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No longhorns in the restroom here, but there are plenty around the city. If you can see the photo of the black eyes Susan hanging on the wall, you will appreciate the gentle, natural style of this airport. Lots of other photos of natural Texas on the walls. An overnight with my niece which included an awesome Tex-Mex dinner with great margueritas, at Huy's, a concert by Brooklyn Riders at UT - combination if classical and cutting edge works brilliantly performed- with drinks with them afterwards at Easy Tiger. Overnight at The Driscoll, Austin's grand dame of a hotel. Great time had by all.

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Long Wharf Theater: New Haven,CT

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These trough sinks are all the rage. I like the look, but being so shiny white and with overbright lighting, feels a bit like an operating scrub room. Overall the renovations here are most welcome, especially the new seats. Steve Martin's adaptation of The Underpants was entertaining and humorous. Wish he had been in the stage. Sigh.

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Arthur Ashe Stadium:US Open, NY

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Good thing there are only a few matches left in the tournament since in this case X marks the spot where the toilet is broken. Serena Williams and Victoria Azarenka are slugging it out for the Women's title. Pretty thrilling to be here.

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Twin Cinema:Jackson Hole,WY

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If my local theater had this image on the restroom door I would always emerge in a jolly mood regardless of how much I liked the movies. In this case, having seen The Butler, I can say I liked it a lot.

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the side door:Old Lyme,CT

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If I was decorating a jazz club, I might consider warmer colors and lots of posters on the walls. Whatever the restroom lacks in atmosphere is made up for in the venue itself and in the spectacular music being played. O

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The Lincoln:Manhattan

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All I have to say is "Beam me up Scottie". Aside from the space ship atmosphere here, the rest of the restaurant is airy and sophisticated and the food is delicate and delicious. Mostly Mozart concert to come. Should be an all around winner evening.

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Harkness State Park: Waterford,CT

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Guess what a line of porta potties means? Yes I am at a public event. In this case a Leon Russell concert. Watched the sky turn pink/orange and picnicked on the grass. The music begins.

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Norfolk Music Festival:Norfolk,CT

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Yale University strikes again in thus camp like sink display. After years if passing an elegant ancient white mansion on route 44 on my way to visit friends in the Berkshires, I have finally visited this festival. The music takes place in a wonderful adirondack style shed down the hill from the main house on what turns out to be quite a large summer campus for the University's music program. Wonderful chamber music program woefully under attended.

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Jacob’s Pillow:Becket:MA

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Thank goodness this woman's gaze was averted. I hate to pee with someone staring at me. I love my almost annual trip to this dance festival. This year it was a performance by Brian Brooks Moving Company. Enjoyed it.

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