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St. Regis Hotel:Lhasa,Tibet

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It seems incongruous to be in a hotel with a living space twice the size of my apartment in New York City and a bathroom like this when the streets are filled with pilgrims who have come to pray at the temples and palaces of the Dahli Lama. Buddhist belief binds all strata of people here. Many are dressed traditionally and some in their nomadic garb. iPhones abound however.

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Shangri-La Hotel:Chengdu,China

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As one might expect, a perfect orchid that I had to touch to be certain it was real.

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Raffles Hotel:Siem Reap,Cambodia

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A French Colonial masterpiece with tee old-fashioned service. Here they clean your glasses and spray your face with refreshing scented water as you take the sun by the pond sized pool. A must visit place.

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When you live on a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific, environmental signage and conservation take on a much deeper importance. And requires more detailed instructions.

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The Monastery Hotel:Cusco,Peru

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I had heard from friends who visited Cusco that this was a special hotel and so it was. Any place that puts a blue ribbon around the bath may and the tub may is one with attention to detail. The rooms were filled with wonderful reproductions of religious art and the aura I those who had been before us infused the entire complex with a decided serenity; at least until 3am in the morning when fireworks began calling people to the cathedral to celebrate the latest festival. The food was superb with lots of quinoa which was to my liking. One of our Peruvian guides told me they use the cooked grain with apples in a blender to make a breakfast drink. I plan to try it when I get home. A nutritious and delicious meal. No wonder Peruvian cuisine is becoming so popular.

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Richmond Hotel: Miami Beach,FL

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This retro deco restroom is definitely the coolest thing about this hotel which is sorely in need of some updating and better restaurant. Won't be staying here next year... if I even come.

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Hotel Eden:Rome,Italy

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What an unusual door handle. A quick and delicious breakfast with views from the other side of the 6th floor dining room and then off to the shop I passed as it was closing last night. I did manage to purchase 3 pairs of gloves before diner at the foot of the Spanish Steps and meet the founder of Sermonata gloves who has a home in Westport, CY


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Hotel Eden: Rome,Italy

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This is the cutest waste basket I have ever seen anywhere. The marble floor is pretty swish as well. And the view from the restaurant on the 6th floor is amazing. Perfect sunset viewing and Ancient Rome musing.


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Masseria Panareo:Oranto,Italy

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A lot less elegant than th last Masseria, but the views out to the Adraitic are ample compensation. Plus the wifi works much better.


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Masseria Torre Coccaro:Savelletri Di Fasana

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No I did not use the men's room this morning, but thought the sign was cute and that you might be tired of the triangular female version. Hate to leave this charming resort with its profusion of flowers and Aveda spa.

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