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National Museum of Jewish History:Philadelphia, PA

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Came to the city to see the Barnes Collection and Chasing Dreams- an exhibition about the history of minorities in Baseball- inclusive of Jews and other ethnic minorities, as well as women who actually started playing the sport in leagues in the late 1800's. The curator told me that there may soon be women in the major leagues. That would be something indeed. A terrific show in a fabulous museum which opened in its current location in 2010. Not to be missed when coming to Philly. Including a shot of the banner with Hammering Hank featured larger than life.


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University Club: Mid-town, Manhattan

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All these private clubs have a similar feel, but the chintz in this restroom really brought me back to my grandmother's apartment at the Pierre Hotel. Quite a contrast from my afternoon in the edgy shops and galleries of Chelsea. Heard a panel from the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center speak about the state of the disease. Good news- there will not only be better management, but also a cure. The science is there. Need you to send money.

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Riverside Church: Manhattan

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I know this isn't a particularity interesting shot- old tiles... Really? But when I tell you that I was in this beautiful cathedral, filled with perhaps 2,000 people, to participate in the memorial service for Nelson Mandela, you will understand why I had to make a posting. The highlight of the hour I was able to stay was the opening procession which was led by 10 women dressed in white and playing African drums and gourds. Lucky me to have chosen an aisle seat in front I which they passed.


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Shell Station:Greenwich,CT

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Really it is hard for me to imagine the town of Greenwich allowing a gas station to have a port a potty instead of a proper restroom. And if it did, that it wouldn't insist on the luxury rather than the construction site version. Sort if pathetic that I can rarely make it into NYC without resorting to a pit stop at this easy on easy off I95 exit 3 station. My reward will be to go directly to my box seats for the Women's Finals at the US Open without stopping to pee. Fat chance!

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Comcast Center:Mansfield,MA

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Plenty of stalls here and super clean. Think the Open could learn a thing or 2. What am I doing here? Allman Brothers concert - center section - row N. Binoculars! idon't need no stinkin'binoculars!

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US Open:Flushing Meadows

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Really. Running out of towels when you are only in business for two weeks of the year seems irresponsible. How lucky am I to have a brother with a court side box and tickets he gives away to family when he can't get there?

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Rochester Airport:Rochester,NY

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Seemed to good to be true that I would be in NJ from WY in 3 1/2 hours and it is. Grounded in Rochester due to bad weather around the region.

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XOJet:Jackson, WY

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Notice how like a thrown the padded toilet looks like on this Citation 10 and that it has a seat belt. Guess that's in case the plane hits some turbulence while one is in mid-stream. Lucky to be part of the family package heading East today.

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Roadside Bush: Idaho

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Only made it about 16 miles. Fortunately lots of options on this fairly deserted stretch if road. Of course I passed up the roadside porta potty 2 miles back.

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Parking Lot Bush:Idaho

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Hard to find a hidden spot by a parking even in a rural town. Off on a 25 mile bike ride in Idaho, a mere 20 minutes over the pass from Wyoming. Hope the pedaling expends more liquid than the drinking inputs. Dry climate so one has to drink a lot of water, especially when exercising. We know what that means.

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