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Rest Stop:Long Island Expressway

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Just my luck to hit the cleaner when I am trying to get to the airport. Forced to use the Men's Room. Yet again.

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I wasn't sure what this can was for. Looked like some sort if chemical warfare device. Maybe I am listening to too much news! Seems it is simply industrial strength air freshener. You'd think after the protein load at Smorgasbord I would be satisfied. The rest of my group wanted steak for dinner, so we ended up at one if the best purveyors in town. Guess my iron count was low as I managed to down my quarter of the platter.

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Private home:Lenox,MA

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An unusual form of signage pointing to a men's and a women's porta potty serving the 100 or so guests at the marriage of two grooms who have been together for 30 years. Dressed in Indian robes under a hoopa on a terrace overlooking an old quarry swim hole. So special.

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Shoreline Eye Group:Waterford,CT

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Nothing to mitigate the sterility in this restroom. Thankfully the waiting room has some scenes of sailboats and lighthouses. This is an aging benchmark for me- first visit to an opthamalogist to understand what the black floaters in my right eye are all about.

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The Wit:Chicago,IL

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Pretty swish eh? I got upgraded to a king suite. This is bigger than my apartment in New York. And, you won't believe this, there are cricket and bird chirping sounds piped into the hallway. Welcome to my world!!!

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You know you're traveling too much when at first glance the images on the diaper changing table look like they have devil horns.

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Private Home:Newbury,MA

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A Green Pee- well only because of the color of the room which I happen to love. As my son is a marine biologist, life in his house is pretty green. Not only do I love visiting him, I also love visiting the overflow if art from my basement that now resides on his walls.

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Back of the Bus: Havana

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Today the group is touring the city with an architect on our bus. Thanks goodness there is a toilet on the bus. I was especially in need as I was able to get a pot of hot water and have some Awake tea- from my stash- at breakfast this morning.

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Miami International Airport: Miami

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Clearly this restroom is not on the same cleaning schedule- if any one.

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Natural History Museum:Manhattan

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It may not look like much inside the restroom, but the hundreds of literati dressed in black tie dining under the huge blue whale and honoring Philip Roth with the PEN award is pretty stellar.

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