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Heritance Kandalama: Kandalama, Sri Lanka

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Here in the heart of the jungle at an Eco lodge. Shades of the lodge on the Serengetti last winter with this tub where one soaks while looking out at the scenery. In this case jungle, mountains and a large lake. The cacophony of calls at dawn would rival rush hour in midtown Manhattan for volume.

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Train Station:Ella, Sri Lanka

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The quality and style of restrooms here varies widely. The one at the Ella Station was quite acceptable. It was reasonably clean and had a western and a 'Turkish'- the kind with foot holds and a hole for squatting over- offering. On our arrival in Eliya after a scenic two hour ride through the mountains with views of tea plants galore, several waterfalls and hugely varied vegetation, the rest room turned out to be a waiting room and the toilet was too filthy even for me. As we were leaving the platform, we discovered another toilet with a 'Foreigners' sign. "Ah", I thought. "This will be more like it". Alas I also had to make a hasty retreat from there and wait for the first stop our driver made. The best part of the ride might have been standing on the platform between cars with both doors open, enjoying the air, unobstructed scenery and photo ops while leaning out. Never in America would this be allowed.


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Four Seasons Hotel:Serengeti,Africa

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This might have the best Feng shui as well as eye appeal of any bathroom I have been privileged to use. Certainly it has jumped to the top of my hotel list for this trip and possibly any I have taken. And just look at the view!


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Roadside: Gagliano del Capo, Italy

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Of course, being Italy and very Catholic, there are plenty of fig leaves to hide behind. This bush was in the top terracing of a small abandoned house. I saw several on this stretch of road.


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Roadside: Castro,Italy

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Oddly there is quite a lot of prickly pear cactus in southern Italy. This sample was not sufficient to provide cover, but serves my posting purposes. I was also offered a piece of the fruit at a roadside stand en route this morning. Big, hard seeds. I suggest juicing it.

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For the growers amongst you, I offer this view of some of the richest soil I have ever seen. No wonder everything tastes so good here. Did you know there are 500 million olive trees in Puglia? One for every Italian. We have seen thousands over the past two days and they are magical in those numbers.

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Today there is the occasional stand if bamboo. Excellent squatting cover.

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Those are not deer droppings, they are olives. Seems it is too hard to harvest from the larger ancient trees, so they let those olives simply fall to the ground. They provide good coverage for my purposes.

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River Quest:East Haddam,CT

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Boat heads are always special. This one is pretty industrial and very clean. After a hot day it was delightful to board this vessel for a cruise down the CT River where we saw 4 eagles, several osprey, a number of herons and, our ultimate goal, hundreds of thousands of sparrows gathering at sunset to bed down in the reeds for the night. An unbelievable display.

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Private Home:Essex,CT

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How appropriate that someone who spent his career traveling the world's exotic places would have such an unusual powder room ensemble. Can you see the little frog at the bottom if the sink and the piece of shale that makes the soap shelf? Not visible us the vine mural that snakes out of the wrought iron twig like towel bar and toilet paper holder. Very cool.

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