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La Mamounia:Marrakech,Morocco

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The sign outside says 'femmes' and the door is in the far side of a large intricately tiled fountain set in the wall of the hallway. All so wonderfully Moroccan. Sorry I did not have my phone yesterday as I went out to the Atlas Mountains with a pit stop at Richard Branson's magical resort Kasbah Tamadot. Check it out on line. You will be booking a flight immediately. Then had lunch at a private home in a small Berber village in the high Atlas Mountains. Wish I had photos to send.

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King Huessin International Airport:Jordan

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Never did figure out what these hoses in the public rest rooms are for. I could guess, but will let your imaginations work on it.

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Kilimanjaro International Airport

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Thought I had left the squat toilets behind, but evidently not. This one I seen more confusing as it doesn't have the indications which tell you where to place your feet. (Just kidding.) Seems quite clean if not spacious.

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Potala Palace:Lhasa,Tibet

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You need good knees to manage these toilets are more than an occasional basis. Incense was burned to keep any odors away. Well, this is the Dahli lama's winter palace after all.

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Chengdu Airport:Chengdu, China

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Looks like a mug shot. Guess it is the cleaning person on duty. No one stays anonymous I guess.

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When you live on a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific, environmental signage and conservation take on a much deeper importance. And requires more detailed instructions.

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Home of Robert Louis Stevenson: Apia,Samoa

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I did not know that Stevenson spent the last 4 years of his life on Samoa. The climate was good for his lungs and the people touched his heart. Not hard to understand the latter. Some of the warmest and good humored folks on the planet I dare say. Beautiful smiles, easy laughs and deeply traditional. An island were tattoos recount the family history and children wait on their parents while growing up. Not bad.

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The Modern: Manhattan

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The ultimate unisex bathroom sign as well as setting. The food in this Danny Meyer restaurant always holds up to the MoMA exhibitions that either precede or follow it.

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Richmond Hotel: Miami Beach,FL

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This retro deco restroom is definitely the coolest thing about this hotel which is sorely in need of some updating and better restaurant. Won't be staying here next year... if I even come.

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Ola Restaurant at The Sanctuary Hotel:Miami Beach,Fl

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What a concept- finding a sanctuary in Miami Beach. The stone wall feels calming and cooling. The rooms which open on the central courtyard with its interior pond and vegetation would be a sanctuary except it is crowded with tables am diners. Yes the restaurant is in the middle of the space. So who gets to be in the sanctuary?

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