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Colombo:Sri Lanka

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Not all public toilets are decrepit. This one was top notch. Located on the grounds of what was once a hospital and is now filled with lovely shops and restaurants. A couple of short blocks away we threaded through a maze of local shopping streets all of them dusty in the 90 degree heat and overloaded with pedestrians, cars, merchandise and food carts.

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Mezzogiorno:SOHO, Manhattan

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A day downtown can feel like a day in Europe with its small boutiques, sidewalk caf├ęs and relaxed pace. I highly recommend it for an easy R & R with a friend. We picked this place based on the white table clothed table on a raised mosaic platform on Spring St. Turns out the food was as delicious as the setting and the collection of Joseph Cornell like art boxes in the back are delightful. No wonder it has a wall of laminated articles and awards near the restrooms.

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University Club: Mid-town, Manhattan

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All these private clubs have a similar feel, but the chintz in this restroom really brought me back to my grandmother's apartment at the Pierre Hotel. Quite a contrast from my afternoon in the edgy shops and galleries of Chelsea. Heard a panel from the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center speak about the state of the disease. Good news- there will not only be better management, but also a cure. The science is there. Need you to send money.

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Cookshop:Chelsea, Manhattan

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My second time lunching at this farm to table hipster restaurant. Last time it was only slightly filled;this time it was packed. The food was only slightly more delicious than the fragrance from these scented sticks. Divine. And such a serene escape from the noisy dining room.

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McDonald Observatory:Ft. Davis,TX

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I think the floor looks a bit like the Milky Way. Okay, that's a bit of a stretch, but coming to see the stars and planets at this UT funded observatory is amazing. You need a black sky to really see the lights and Ft. Davis is a dark place. The big telescopes were aimed at Jupiter whose bands and multiple moons were bright as lights at an eye exam.

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Chinati Foundation:Marfa,TX

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Another restroom in this complex of old military buildings, now installation spaces. This was in the Arena which had been riding ring and later became on of Judd's homes. Hence the bathtub. a

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Hotel Paisano:Marfa,TX

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Lucked out for a change and got what my friend and I are referring to as the Honeymoon Suite- spacious with two ceiling fans, 2 Queen beds and, best of all, two bathrooms. I love the efficiency of this little space with a shower consisting of a drain in the floor and shower curtain. I was able to prop my foot on the toilet to shave my legs. Perfect.

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Bitter End Resort:Virgin Gorda, BVI

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4 little mermaids are we venturing onto land this afternoon to do a better clean up for our fancy farewell dinner. Had to motor the full 9 hours from Anguilla as there was little wind. Good sunbathing day with no clouds and warm temps. Also time to polish the chrome and read our books.

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Tethys:Tintamarre, St Maarten

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It feels a bit ridiculous to have gone from a bathroom in Tibet the size of a small apartment to a head that barely holds one person. However the compensations of spending a week on the otherwise spacious boat sailing from island to island and eating the delicious fruits of these islands- St Bart's especially- outweigh the claustrophobia.

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La Langouste:Flamands,St. Bart’s

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I love the simplicity of a fish tile in a white bathroom. This restaurant is located in a charming small hotel on the beach. We are lunching here for the second day in a row. Mojitos and fresh grilled lobster. Yum.

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