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La Belle Aurore:Marigot,St Maarten

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After a three and one half hour delay due to a faulty anti skid brake part on the aircraft, I arrived to fair skies and balmy temperature. Sure is nice. As we are on the French side of the island, we had lovely food and wine at dinner. And classy glass tiles in the rest room.

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Raffles Hotel:Siem Reap,Cambodia

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A French Colonial masterpiece with tee old-fashioned service. Here they clean your glasses and spray your face with refreshing scented water as you take the sun by the pond sized pool. A must visit place.

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Machu Picchu:Peru

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Christmas in Peru. Looks a lot like home. Not so the ruins of this place. The genius of the Incas with architecture and stone and societal order. Llamas wander on the steeps, the clouds rise and fall around the surrounding mountains and a sense of wonder and peace pervades.

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Museum of Art and Design:Manhattan

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In the other side of the floor to ceiling metal beaded double hang is the street and across that an office building. This is so cool.

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Le Grainne: Manhattan

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One of the cutest signs yet regarding what not to throw in the toilet. Sorry about the dim lighting restroom ambience. Part of what I love about New York are these transporting neighborhood cafés where one can linger over a meal like breakfast today with crepes, as one friend ordered, or a poached egg atop a chèvre infused potato pancake atop a mountain of ratatouille as I ordered enjoying the food and the lively conversation before heading down the street to visit Chelsea galleries. Bliss. br />


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Riverside Church: Manhattan

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I know this isn't a particularity interesting shot- old tiles... Really? But when I tell you that I was in this beautiful cathedral, filled with perhaps 2,000 people, to participate in the memorial service for Nelson Mandela, you will understand why I had to make a posting. The highlight of the hour I was able to stay was the opening procession which was led by 10 women dressed in white and playing African drums and gourds. Lucky me to have chosen an aisle seat in front I which they passed.


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Private Home: Upper West Side, Manhattan

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I don't get to this neighborhood much these days and even less often am I in a 4 story private brownstone filled with wonderful folk art. A real treat to wander around as well as to look at the jewelry which the owner designs. This is what I call a twofer.

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Perez Art Museum Miami: Miami,FL

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Shame on the architect for designing such a faulty closure. This museum has only been open for 2 days and look at what has happened to the wall. Otherwise quite a breathtaking space with a terrific permanent collection and a moving retrospective of Chinese dissident artist Ai Wei Wei.

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Richmond Hotel: Miami Beach,FL

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This retro deco restroom is definitely the coolest thing about this hotel which is sorely in need of some updating and better restaurant. Won't be staying here next year... if I even come.

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Wynwood Kitchen and Bar: NE Miami,FL

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What is so special about this toilet seat you are wondering? It has been hand wipes by an employee that's what. He does this for each of the 5 restrooms before the next person can use it. "Mrs. Goldberg insists," he said. Funny that a Jew owns a Cuban fusion restaurant.

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