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Looks like they used the design of the burial caves to make the restrooms for the restaurant where we had a delicious middle eastern buffet lunch.

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St. Regis Hotel:Lhasa,Tibet

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It seems incongruous to be in a hotel with a living space twice the size of my apartment in New York City and a bathroom like this when the streets are filled with pilgrims who have come to pray at the temples and palaces of the Dahli Lama. Buddhist belief binds all strata of people here. Many are dressed traditionally and some in their nomadic garb. iPhones abound however.

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Potala Palace:Lhasa,Tibet

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You need good knees to manage these toilets are more than an occasional basis. Incense was burned to keep any odors away. Well, this is the Dahli lama's winter palace after all.

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Chengdu Airport:Chengdu, China

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The ladies in the restroom were surprised when I snapped this shot. Nothing unusual about squatting for them. Guess they don't have the knee issues so many Americans suffer from. Glad I am still, barely, nimble enough to get down and up.

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Home of Robert Louis Stevenson: Apia,Samoa

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I did not know that Stevenson spent the last 4 years of his life on Samoa. The climate was good for his lungs and the people touched his heart. Not hard to understand the latter. Some of the warmest and good humored folks on the planet I dare say. Beautiful smiles, easy laughs and deeply traditional. An island were tattoos recount the family history and children wait on their parents while growing up. Not bad.

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Machu Picchu:Peru

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Christmas in Peru. Looks a lot like home. Not so the ruins of this place. The genius of the Incas with architecture and stone and societal order. Llamas wander on the steeps, the clouds rise and fall around the surrounding mountains and a sense of wonder and peace pervades.

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Marco Herrera Museum: Lima,Peru

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An old mansion which now houses a fine collection of historic Peruvian artifacts. Pottery, textiles, gold and silver ornaments. And a room of what is called Erotica. It did bring to mind the karma sutra, though my guess is that it is more likely celebrating fertility. Though there used to be adamant denial that human sacrifice was practiced in ancient Peru, there has been a discovery of vessels that prove that it did exist. Dinner was a buffet of local dishes served in a grassy courtyard with lovely plantings surrounding us. A pair of musicians- one on guitar and one on a wind instrument. Rather pooped and looking forward to our 8pm arrival at the Suissotel. Sent from my iPhone hotel.


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Hotel Eden:Rome,Italy

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What an unusual door handle. A quick and delicious breakfast with views from the other side of the 6th floor dining room and then off to the shop I passed as it was closing last night. I did manage to purchase 3 pairs of gloves before diner at the foot of the Spanish Steps and meet the founder of Sermonata gloves who has a home in Westport, CY


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Cafe Do Mar: Leuca, Italy

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Perhaps the most amusing toilet seat I have ever seen. New York taxis! Glad I mistakenly used the Senoiri for the Senore toilette. Finally had some linguini con vogole. Doesn't get any fresher than in this coastal town which is the most eastern tip of the country.


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Roadside: Gagliano del Capo, Italy

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Of course, being Italy and very Catholic, there are plenty of fig leaves to hide behind. This bush was in the top terracing of a small abandoned house. I saw several on this stretch of road.


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