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Road from Kandalama to Galle: Si Lanka

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Always fun to find a sign that I haven't seen before. Used Trip Advisor to find a place to stop for lunch and with only 3 choices in the area, we ended up with one of the best buffets of local food yet. New to the offerings were slightly crunchy okra, a terrific steamed cabbage and carrot and a fabulous curry with chicken legs. Also the best mango chutney ever. Skipped dinner !

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Train Station:Ella, Sri Lanka

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The quality and style of restrooms here varies widely. The one at the Ella Station was quite acceptable. It was reasonably clean and had a western and a 'Turkish'- the kind with foot holds and a hole for squatting over- offering. On our arrival in Eliya after a scenic two hour ride through the mountains with views of tea plants galore, several waterfalls and hugely varied vegetation, the rest room turned out to be a waiting room and the toilet was too filthy even for me. As we were leaving the platform, we discovered another toilet with a 'Foreigners' sign. "Ah", I thought. "This will be more like it". Alas I also had to make a hasty retreat from there and wait for the first stop our driver made. The best part of the ride might have been standing on the platform between cars with both doors open, enjoying the air, unobstructed scenery and photo ops while leaning out. Never in America would this be allowed.


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You never know when you will find a sign you have never seen before or guess what it will say.

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Siem Reap Airport:Cambodia

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Ladies Room in Cambodian.

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Raffles Hotel:Siem Reap,Cambodia

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A French Colonial masterpiece with tee old-fashioned service. Here they clean your glasses and spray your face with refreshing scented water as you take the sun by the pond sized pool. A must visit place.

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When you live on a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific, environmental signage and conservation take on a much deeper importance. And requires more detailed instructions.

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Le Grainne: Manhattan

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One of the cutest signs yet regarding what not to throw in the toilet. Sorry about the dim lighting restroom ambience. Part of what I love about New York are these transporting neighborhood cafés where one can linger over a meal like breakfast today with crepes, as one friend ordered, or a poached egg atop a chèvre infused potato pancake atop a mountain of ratatouille as I ordered enjoying the food and the lively conversation before heading down the street to visit Chelsea galleries. Bliss. br />


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The Modern: Manhattan

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The ultimate unisex bathroom sign as well as setting. The food in this Danny Meyer restaurant always holds up to the MoMA exhibitions that either precede or follow it.

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Rubbell Family Collection:NE Miami,FL

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Only in Miami do you find so many museum like private collections and this is one of the best. Makes sense that the signage in the restroom would be in art installation style. This year the public was treated to works by 29 Chinese artists. Most interesting art seen this far.

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Charlotte Airport:NC

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Is it my imagination or are people getting friendlier at the airports? Still nice to have an airline lounge to escape to for layovers which are almost always inevitable these days, especially having risen at 5:15 to start the journey.

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