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T F Green Airport: Providence,RI

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So glad to have a full explanation of how these driers work. Off to North Carolina. A new attitude toward heading south after seeing 12 Years A Slave last week.

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Bowery Theater:Manhattan

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Here's a cherry sign I have not come across before. Sets the tone for the play I saw- Buyer and Cellar. Sometimes it is fun not to know anything about what you are going to see other than its tone which, in this case, was hilarious. Just go.

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Brewklyn: Brooklyn, NY

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This might be the first public 'bath room' sign I have seen. The Brooklyn version of Stabucks- everyone on their computer working away to organic beverages and piped in Zen music. Totally under 40 crowd.

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Metropolitan Museum: Manhattan

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Good to know the museum has back up restrooms! Here I am at the Met for the second day in a row. Yesterday I went to see the Balthus exhibition- Cats and Girls- which I liked a lot. Then back today for a lecture by the curator which was free and so informative.

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New York Historical Society: Manhattan

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Past and present in one sign. Well done! Here to see The Armory Show at 100 exhibit. Promises to be terrific.

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Masseria Torre Coccaro:Savelletri Di Fasana

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No I did not use the men's room this morning, but thought the sign was cute and that you might be tired of the triangular female version. Hate to leave this charming resort with its profusion of flowers and Aveda spa.

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Osteria Da Robia:Venice, Italy

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So much cuter version of a little lady At this local restaurant in the neighborhood of the apartment in the Misericordia area I rented for this trip. Met a friend of a friend for dinner. Delightful young woman and delicious meal. Half the price of last night in the tourist district and twice the flavor. Went for a nightcap down the street and had a Lilo- fresh pulp of fall grapes with prosecco and seltzer. Fabulous.

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Cute little ladies in the midst if this massive international art exhibition which is The Biennale. First time to visit the 110 year old art extravaganza. I am not disappointed.

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JFK Terminal 4:Jamaica, NY

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Light it up. Off to Venice with my daughter in law. Stay tuned. Ciao!

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Shakers Cafe:Wooster,MA

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Peeling restroom signs are not that unusual, but the look if this one could have been enough to dissuade me from eating here. What a shame that would have been. Despite its disguise as a lowly local dive, it was one of the best breakfasts ever. I totally indulged in veggie has browns with a soft booked egg. Oh, did I forget to mention that the restroom was in the back of the kitchen and the sink was actually in the kitchen. Got to watch the chef at his griddle while drying my hands.

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