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Tintagel:Colombo, Sri Lanka

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An unplanned return visit here for lunch- delicious grilled avocado filled with with shrimp poached in a light sauce and then a small crab tart with chilie- on the way to the airport and our 24 hour journey back to NYC. Not only was this previously undiscovered restroom as tasteful and interesting, with its black and white swirled bowls, as the rest of the hotel, but the tiny container of burning incense in the lower left corner emitted the most amazing odor of ginger and clove and unknown scents. Yum.

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Road from Kandalama to Galle: Si Lanka

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Always fun to find a sign that I haven't seen before. Used Trip Advisor to find a place to stop for lunch and with only 3 choices in the area, we ended up with one of the best buffets of local food yet. New to the offerings were slightly crunchy okra, a terrific steamed cabbage and carrot and a fabulous curry with chicken legs. Also the best mango chutney ever. Skipped dinner !

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Train Station:Ella, Sri Lanka

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The quality and style of restrooms here varies widely. The one at the Ella Station was quite acceptable. It was reasonably clean and had a western and a 'Turkish'- the kind with foot holds and a hole for squatting over- offering. On our arrival in Eliya after a scenic two hour ride through the mountains with views of tea plants galore, several waterfalls and hugely varied vegetation, the rest room turned out to be a waiting room and the toilet was too filthy even for me. As we were leaving the platform, we discovered another toilet with a 'Foreigners' sign. "Ah", I thought. "This will be more like it". Alas I also had to make a hasty retreat from there and wait for the first stop our driver made. The best part of the ride might have been standing on the platform between cars with both doors open, enjoying the air, unobstructed scenery and photo ops while leaning out. Never in America would this be allowed.


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Colombo: Sri Lanka

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Greetings from a sunrise filled with the sounds of howling monkeys and loud bird calls. And this is in the capital city! Sorry not to send photos enroute. A bit out of practice with this. But here are the two huge contrasts of my first day. First shot from the luxury suite at the Tintgagel Hotel, a 10 room hotel which was the home of the first female prime minister not only of Sri Lanka, but in the world, and where Prince Charles and Camilla stayed last year and the restroom at the Colombo National Museum. More to come as travel with friends through this fascinating country.


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New England Art Trip: MA and NY

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Two cars and six bodies packed off to discover the art shows at the Clark Museum, Williams College, MASS MOCA, Storm King and DIA Beacon. The fall foliage was at its peak as was the art. Not going to dwell on the excess of good food and wine. Finally got to stay at The Porches and was not in the least disappointed. Storm King- sculpture park- is as amazing as ever, especially as enhanced by a private electric cart tour by the director. Two outstanding exhibits at MASS MoCA by Darren Waterston and Teresita Fernandez. (more…)

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Hotel Paisano:Marfa,TX

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Lucked out for a change and got what my friend and I are referring to as the Honeymoon Suite- spacious with two ceiling fans, 2 Queen beds and, best of all, two bathrooms. I love the efficiency of this little space with a shower consisting of a drain in the floor and shower curtain. I was able to prop my foot on the toilet to shave my legs. Perfect.

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Bitter End Resort:Virgin Gorda, BVI

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4 little mermaids are we venturing onto land this afternoon to do a better clean up for our fancy farewell dinner. Had to motor the full 9 hours from Anguilla as there was little wind. Good sunbathing day with no clouds and warm temps. Also time to polish the chrome and read our books.

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Tethys:Tintamarre, St Maarten

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It feels a bit ridiculous to have gone from a bathroom in Tibet the size of a small apartment to a head that barely holds one person. However the compensations of spending a week on the otherwise spacious boat sailing from island to island and eating the delicious fruits of these islands- St Bart's especially- outweigh the claustrophobia.

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Delta Sky Club: Terminal 4, JFK Airport

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Nice to be heading to the Caribbean for a week of sailing when the temps are still below zero and more snow is forecast. This restroom certainly provides a cherry send off. The cinnamon raisin bagels weren't bad either.

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La Mamounia:Marrakech,Morocco

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This fabled grand hotel which rests just inside the walls of the medina had a facelift a few years ago and it seems worthy of all the praise it has received. Steeped in Moroccan tiling and carving with acres of plantings, outdoor and indoor infinity pools, clay tennis courts, a spa with a Hammam and a courtyard of shops, one hardly needs to leave the premises to experience the lush exoticism that is morocco, at least as celebrities like Yves St Laurent would have found it.

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