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Private Home:Hopkinton,RI

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I love this bathroom with its abundance of interesting and wryly placed art. Wagner opera poster with dripping sword adjacent to samurai warriors. What fun! Actually the whole house is a visual feast matched by the goodies that come out of the kitchen and those grown in the extensive gardens. I covet every invitation.

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Cookshop:Chelsea, Manhattan

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The only way to get the floral arrangement am the art work was to shoot into the mirror. Nice place. Good food. Galleries are reopening after Sandy, though many in 24 and 25th street are still drying out.

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Lyme Academy College of Fine Art:Old Lyme,Ct

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I think it is odd to have this kind of year away sign for counseling services. Usually it is for house cleaning or dog walking. I was part of a panel discussion talking about "Making It" in the art world. Was not looking forward to it, but turned out to be fun. Rushing off to the theater now with friends in a spur of the moment move.

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Asia Society:Manhattan

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I never tire of the clean precision of this restroom. Where else are the paper towels stacked by the sink at an angle? I am also always stimulated by the exhibitions, delighted by the gift shop and sated at the cafe.

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Beth Shalom Synagogue:Chester,CT

Rarely does an event at this- dare I say any- synagogue not include a nosh. Guess it was food for the eyes as Robin Cembalist from ArtNews presented a history of Jewish art. Seems Jews were not allowed to join the painter's guilds for centuries, so had to use other mediums like textiles and paper cut outs. Some of the Jewish art she showed was done by goys; some certainly mimicked them, looking like Rembrandt and others. Pretty interesting. Restroom is on the functional side which seems appropriate.

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Ambiente: Grunern

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Great meal at this restaurant hidden in what looked like a small industrial park. Smoked turgeon with an Asian slaw salad, pumpkin soup with shrimp, a medallion of walnut crusted venison with gnocchi and wilted frisée and for dessert a creme brûlée with a scoop of chocolate ice cream. Don't want to step on the scales when I get home. There were also about a dozen artworks incorporating corkscrews and flatware that were quite interesting. The restroom sign seemed slightly out of place in its quaintness. Guess this is another way of saying Women.

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Hilton Hotel:Berlin

Here is the lobby sign directing guests to the toilets. Now you know what to look for when you are in Germany. If you do get to Berlin, don't miss the Sammlung Hoffman collection. A private collection of contemporary art displayed in the owner's residence and open only on Saturdays from 11 to 4.also visited the Neue National Gallerie which is not so new anymore but is a wonderful Mies Van der Rohe building with an exciting collection. />

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Mobil Gas Station:I-95, Greenwich,CT

Whose idea do you think it was to hang a Norman Rockwell print in this restroom? Whoever has my approval. Maybe there was an art budget for the renovations that have been taking place up and down 95. What a thought.

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Marion Boesky: Manhattan

This is not a private bathroom, but rather one in a townhouse that serves as an art gallery. The current exhibit is by Lucie Fontaine who is not a real person, but a collaboration between two artists. This sink collection is composed and the "Employees Must Wash Their Hands" sign, which is pictured here and appears to be in Japanese, is actually a piece of art. Go figure!

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New Museum: Manhattan, NY

Suprisingly for an institution which displays such challenging art, the restroom was exceedingly bland. I thought my leggings would be the most interesting shot.

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