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Artist Studio:Manhattan

Don't know how this artist managed to wrangle a semi-private restroom in this commercial building, but this is it. Pretty nice I'd say. All he is lacking is a shower.

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I-Park: East Haddam, CT

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Looks like one of the former artists left her face cleanser. I have no idea what the Japanese label says. Do you?

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CT River Artisans: Chester,CT

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An artistic toilet paper arrangement befitting this gallery's array of local talent. Finally they have moved into the center of town where they are more visible and get much more foot traffic.

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Private Home: Lyme, CT

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Love a bathroom that is packed with art. These gems are all about 6 by 8 inches

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New Britain Museum: New Britain, CT

This is one of my favorite small museums. I know nothing about the city or really why this gem is located there next to a glorious Frederick Law Olmstead park. I have seen many well curated shows here and enjoyed selections from their own collection. The shop has a small but interesting inventory and the cafe is yummy. Who can resist smiling while walking through a glass passage lined with a Mundy Hepburn gaseous glass installation. I am delighted that they have purchased an encaustic by my good friend Judy Cotton which is installed next to a Muybridge series of horse photos- the artist who partially inspired her series of dogs titled "The Fates"?

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Cooley Gallery: Old Lyme, CT

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Love a restroom with a view. Given the tiny proportions of this one, it is a good thing. This is far from the only view in a frame to be found at this gem of a gallery known for its offerings of Lyme Impressionist painters, but more and more frequently presenting contemporary work as well. This month's exhibition by local artist Judy Friday is terrific. My son bought a small painting. Even the little ones in this show pack a big punch. And then there are the woven pillows and rugs that she is producing on her new loom.

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Guggenheim Museum: Manhattan

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I like the individual restroom pods that are scattered around this museum. Lots of information on where to go if the one you are at is occupied. Saw the John Chamberlain:Choices and came away much more impressed by this artist than I had been previously. The sculptures work beautifully in the space. Worth a trip uptown.

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Frick Collection: Manhattan

Old fashioned sinks line the wall of the Frick Ladie's Room with a nice glass shelf above and they even have stacks of paper cups to use for a drink of the icy cold New York tap water.  You expected a drinking fountain? Not here. Came to see the Picasso drawings. Amazing show. How could anyone draw and paint like he did in his early teens? Lest on forget his strict classical training in looking at his later work, this show reminds us of his roots.  Most astonishing are the Ingresque graphite portrait of a gentleman and the red watercolor of his is father.  The new procelain gallery was pretty amazing as well as much for the natural light flooding the formerly outdoor space as for the delightful display of mostly Meissen pieces.

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Private Home: Brooklyn, CT

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My friend Abby has been talking to me for years about her college classmate who is an artist in Brooklyn who she wanted me to meet. We finally made the trek from Manhattan to her home and studio. What a treat. I certainly don't have art like this in my bathroom.

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Brattleboro: Vermont

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After months of invitations,I finally made it to visit my architect friend and his spouse at their totally renovated home in VT.Bet not many bathrooms have a Sol LeWitt in them in this town or any other for that matter.Love the dialogue between the red candle,the red swirls and the sand dollars.

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