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St. Botloph Club: Boston, MA

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Thank goodness I have friends who are members here and get me in. It is the most reasonable room in town, a real throw back in time and chock a block full of all kinds of art, including a copy of a protrait of Isabella Stewart Gardner by John Singer Sargent, who was a club member. Evidently it was considered quite risquee at the time, but looks pretty tame to the current eye. My advice is not to partake of the gratis breakfast, but to wander over to Newbury Street instead.

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Volta: Boston, MA

A long day, a wet walk to this restaurant in the rain, a couple of glasses of wine and it feels like I'm seeing double. Really they are side by side doublicate stalls, but you might have convinced me otherwise.

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Berklee Music School: Boston, MA

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Do college students really care about covering the toilet seat? Did hear some gerat compositions by senior students which inspired an artist, Ellen Priest, to produce a body of drawings and paintings based on them. Check it out if you get to Boston or check out her website at www.ellenpriest.com.

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Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum: Boston, MA

WOW. Kind of surprising to find this is the ladies' room at the Gardner Museum. Fitting for the new wing designed by Renzo Piano which is an exciting and dynamic addition to the original museum.  And the redesigned courtyard garden.  That's the biggest WOW of all.

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MFA: Boston, MA

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Are they suggesting that there is a correlation between invalids and babies? Pre and post ambulatory facilities? At least the restroom was clean this time, as opposed to when I was here in October. Another yummy lunch in the new cafe and several interesting exhibitions on view.

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Reststop: Natick, MA

Back in Natick, but heading to Boston this time. Nice to see they take cleaning seriously here with a full line up of hand dryers as well as garbage cans and mopping up equipment.

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New England Aquarium: Boston, MA

Should have showed more floor.It was really fun.Unlike the wedding reception I was attending here.Should have known how bad the dinner would be when I had to spit out the hors d'oerve I tried.Loved the juxtaposition of real penguins and men in penguin suits all strutting around and eyeballing each other.No.The best part was walking around the massive fish tank which stretches up 4 stories.Glad I came late AND left early.

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Museum of Fine Art: Boston, MA

This may look like a presentable restroom to your eye, but let me assure you that it was pretty disgustingly dirty, as were the other 2 restrooms I used.Yes I was there for several hours exploring the new Art of the Americas wing,theNew American Cafe,the Chihuly installation and various exhibitions.My two favorites were Degas and the Nude and Beauty as Duty: Textiles and the Home Front in WWII Britain.I love this museum and vow not to let years go by before I return.Might bring a sani-wipe when I do.

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Institute of Contemporary Art: Boston, MA

Another thwarted restroom stop. Museums usually come up with a more elegant way of dealing with this.Still I was excited to make my first visit to this no longer new museum.Loved the interior, the cafe, the shop and the thought provoking exhibit Dance:Draw which we initially mistook-due to the ticker taker's accent- for an artist called Dan someone. It took 3 repetitions before we got straightened out..

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