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Southfield Store: Southfield,CT,

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What a surprise to find a wall mural in this rural country cafe. Great 12 mile bike ride to get here. Huevos Rancheros are coming my way. Then the 13 mile route home.

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NY Botanical Garden:Bronx,NY

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Of course the Cafe restroom would have warm green walls and a bright floral print. It also had a seasonal display of fresh flowers on the sink and gorgeous wreaths in the shop. The highlight for me, however, was the outdoor exhibition of Manolo Valdez sculptures. Magical.

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Asia Society:Manhattan

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I never tire of the clean precision of this restroom. Where else are the paper towels stacked by the sink at an angle? I am also always stimulated by the exhibitions, delighted by the gift shop and sated at the cafe.

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Another entry in the toiletten signage category. I think this one is quite retro and nice for a public toilet. Glad to find it next to the cafe where I enjoyed a late cup of tea amidst Rhine-side strollers, bikers and even a lone waterskier. Plenty of golden leaves on and off the perfectly staggered trees as well.

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Cafe near train station:Bad Kriozingen

Got off the fast train and onto a local to make the 15 minute ride here from whence we are taking a cab to Sulzburg and the hotel. No restroom at the station, so had to beg the use of one in this cafe. The waitress allowed me to go, but wasn't happy about it.i pretended not to understand when she was saying it was for patrons only.

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New Britain Museum: New Britain, CT

This is one of my favorite small museums. I know nothing about the city or really why this gem is located there next to a glorious Frederick Law Olmstead park. I have seen many well curated shows here and enjoyed selections from their own collection. The shop has a small but interesting inventory and the cafe is yummy. Who can resist smiling while walking through a glass passage lined with a Mundy Hepburn gaseous glass installation. I am delighted that they have purchased an encaustic by my good friend Judy Cotton which is installed next to a Muybridge series of horse photos- the artist who partially inspired her series of dogs titled "The Fates"?

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Maimi’s Cafe: Roxbury, CT

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I loved this combination high on the wall of the restroom of this quaint cafe. Can you imagine entering a 3 holer? Talk about a lack of privacy. Everything about this cafe was charming from the local antique farm equipments and signs used as decor to the heavy, slightly rusted urns used to hold sweetners to the old metal-caged string of lights on the deck to the fact that the owner gave us an avacado to take home for the soup we were preparing for dinner. Well, my friends do go there every weekend for a meal, but still...

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Lyric Cafe: New London, CT

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Having spent a decade of my life deeply entrenched in this city and having been a bystander of its goings on over the past two years, it is a shock to now discover the new places that have sprung up during my inattentiveness. This little restaurant, in the first building I thought of buying in the city, is a perfect example. A cute spot in the middle of State St. with an interesting menu and a long walk to the restroom which is in another part of the building. Such is New London.

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MFA: Boston, MA

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Are they suggesting that there is a correlation between invalids and babies? Pre and post ambulatory facilities? At least the restroom was clean this time, as opposed to when I was here in October. Another yummy lunch in the new cafe and several interesting exhibitions on view.

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Elizabeth’s Cafe: Madison, CT

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Surprised that this is the first shot of self-promotion I have come across in my travels thus far. Why hide it in the restroom I ask?

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