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757 from Australia to Cambodia

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Today's vase of flowers.


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Masseria Torre Coccaro:Savelletri Di Fasana

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No I did not use the men's room this morning, but thought the sign was cute and that you might be tired of the triangular female version. Hate to leave this charming resort with its profusion of flowers and Aveda spa.

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Forgot to get the name of this restaurant/resort where we had lunch and then began a 6 day bike trip through Puglia. Not crazy about the dried flower arrangement, but if the home style changing table is indicative, I think this will be a friendly part of the country to spend time in. The landscape so far is wonderful.

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Yale University Art Gallery:New Haven,CT

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I promise when I was here in the afternoon for a panel discussion there were no flowers in the restroom. Now that we are all in black Tie for a celebration if the opening of the renovated galleries, all the stops have been pulled out evidently.

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Private Home:Hopkinton,RI

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I love this bathroom with its abundance of interesting and wryly placed art. Wagner opera poster with dripping sword adjacent to samurai warriors. What fun! Actually the whole house is a visual feast matched by the goodies that come out of the kitchen and those grown in the extensive gardens. I covet every invitation.

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Cookshop:Chelsea, Manhattan

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The only way to get the floral arrangement am the art work was to shoot into the mirror. Nice place. Good food. Galleries are reopening after Sandy, though many in 24 and 25th street are still drying out.

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Fassbender & Rausch:Berlin

The cab driver who brought me from the airport said this was the best chocolate shop in Berlin and it is next door to my hotel. So post 21/2 hours touring the city on the circle bus and pre my evening massage, I decided to give it a try. The constructions in the store, like the Reichstag, are amazing. My little chocolate/apricot topped cake was so so. Thought the restroom would have something chocolate themed. Not so. Still very tasteful and I see they stack extra rolls of toilet paper the same way here as in the States.

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Jacob’s Pillow: Becket, MA

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A simple arrangement of flowers from the garden and a dramatic piece of cloth draped from the window. Reminds me of Swan Lake for some reason. An elegant touch in this rather bare bones, but wonderful center for dance. Saw a performance by a new trouple headed by Jessica Lang... No not THE Jessica Lang of Hollywood fame, but one of the few successful female choreographers. A former member of the "Thwarp" company, she now has her own company. Find a performance and go.

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Yale School of Sacred Music: New Haven, CT

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There is a certain stained glass quality to the color and pattern of these tiles and the plastic calla lily certainly confirms the sacredness of this building.

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New Haven Lawn Club: New Haven, CT

I always love visiting this restroom. The fresh flowers on the sink are such a lovely touch and that old fashioned looking faucet is actually only motion activated, thus a water saver. Wish I could be as enthusiastic about the Carlyle Collection which I came here to view. Managed to find something to buy- a pair of shiny black slacks which were slightly less overpriced than the rest of the stock.

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