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Private Home:East Providence,RI

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Lunch with the in laws... My son's that is.

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Sugar Mill:Tortola

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I love coming to this hotel's lunch spot on a tiny promontory by the ocean. Half a chicken roti and a small bean salad and I am good to go for the afternoon as Smuggler's Cove. Note the cute ceramic sink with snail shells around the rim from the Bombashay store.

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Tissa’s Restaurant:Old Saybrook,CT

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Out for lunch with the family as they gather for Thanksgiving. Last time I was here patrons were not allowed to use the restroom. Turns out that was just to protect the system from the summer overflow of users. Food always takes a long time to arrive here, but that only seems to accentuate how delicious it is. My son had the lamb sandwich. OMG!

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Vito’s By The Park: Hartford, CT

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Strange mishmash of furnishings here. Delightful lunch with my son- he had Caesar salad and steamed mussels and I had a beet,pistachio and goat cheese salad on arugula- outside in the sunshine. Had to share with the fall bees, but there was enough to go around.It proved a perfect place to meet to pass back his dog who I have watched for the past 10 days. Two hours for him to drive and 45 minutes for me, plus a free lunch.Seems totally fair to me.

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Wadsworth Atheneum: Hartford,CT

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Comfortable and smartly self-promotional. I was treated to lunch with the director in a private diningroom.  We did have to take the saran wrap off the plates and serve ourselves drinks and dessert, so I could not claim that it was overly extravagant. You should see the china that a board member commissioned Tiffany's to make for the museum in the '80s. Gorgeous!!

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Six Main: Chester,CT

Following the thread of extra toilet paper, here is a strange way to solve the problem I think. My second visit to this recently opened vegetarian restaurant. Loved my first meal there. Not so keen about this one. I did run into someone yesterday who was raving about her lunch there recently. Maybe I ordered the wrong dishes this time. I will certainly be back.

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Milagros: Stonington, CT

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Resisted the urge to have a drink at lunch, but the three ladies decided to stop for a marguerita and some spicy Mesican food on the way home. This is a little slice of Mexico. Tiny, loud and fun. Sat at the bar and talked to the owner/bar tender and got a lesson in picking tequilas.  They havde about 60 different bottles lining the walls, along with Mexican tiles and other native decorations. I love this place!

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Nectar: Manhattan

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What a sensable way to deal with a basic necessity of a crowded lunch place with lots of turnover. Getting through the tightly packed tables and scurrying waiters to get into the restroom is hard enough. Having to hunt for someone to bring more toilet paper would be impossible. Caught a bite of lunch with a friend after seeing the Stein exhibit at the Met. WOW. Had no idea their collection was so extensive. And the grilled cheese sandwich was darn good as well.

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United Community & Family Services: Norwich, CT

This restroom is in the administration building, an historic landmark and quite lovely. Why they have a scale in the restroom when no patients are seen here is a mystery to me. I certainly wasn't going to use it after lunch.

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Saks Fifth Avenue: Manhattan

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Lunch with the girls. Noisy, but good. Sat on the enclosed terrace with views out the windows of the roof top gardens on the buildings around Rockerfeller Center. Who knew they were there? Though the restaurant at Saks is relatively new, this marble floor and drain seem to have been around since the buildign was erected. Must have been part of the corporate offices at one time. They are now across 49th street.

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