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Lincoln Center: Manhattan

Okay, so this is a boring photo. However, the reason I was at Lincoln Center, and really there was nothing interesting to shoot in the restroom, was not boring. I was a guest at the Chaplin Award ceremony which was honoring Catherine Deneuve. She was divine. At dinner I was seated next to Glenn Close. She was lovely and down to earth. What a fun evening on what could have been a devestating day.

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Butter: Manhattan

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Nice restroom with a buttery hue to it. This is a very cool restaurant with very good food. An excellent choice if you are going to The Public Theater or Joe's Pub. It was my first time and I will be back to explore this neighborhood more.

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Public Theater: Manhattan

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This was the first of several visits to the restroom as I was at the theater to see Gatz, a complete dramatic reading of The Great Gatsby. It lasted for 8 hours including intermissions and a break for dinner. I bailed after the last intermission. Ingenious concept, well directed and quite entertaining... to a point. 11pm is past my bedtime these days.

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Nectar: Manhattan

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What a sensable way to deal with a basic necessity of a crowded lunch place with lots of turnover. Getting through the tightly packed tables and scurrying waiters to get into the restroom is hard enough. Having to hunt for someone to bring more toilet paper would be impossible. Caught a bite of lunch with a friend after seeing the Stein exhibit at the Met. WOW. Had no idea their collection was so extensive. And the grilled cheese sandwich was darn good as well.

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Jivamujkti: Manhattan

Now this is the kind of sign it is a pleasure to see. Guess yogis don't have to be told where to put their paper towels.

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IFC at Lincoln Center: Manhattan

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Okay, I get it... this is a restroom for women. Saw the film Pina in 3D. It is an homage to late choreographer Pina Bausch (1940-2009), a leading influence in the development of the Tanztheater style of dance. Sadly she passed away just before the documentary was to be made, but her company convinced the director to carry on with the project. Glad he did.

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MoMA: Manhattan

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Modern art, modern handle. See the Cynde Sherman retrospective. Admire the work and be glad you don't live in her head.

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David Burke Kitchen: Manhattan

This is my day to notice floor drains. As befits this trendy eatery, with excellent locally sourced cuisine, the drain was new and shiny. After a couple of hours of helping my son and daughter-in-law with their wedding registry choices, this was a welcome dining choice.

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Gallery Hemachromatosis: Manhattan

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Not the usual restroom notice about where to throw the towels. Although Duchamp displayed a toilet as a piece of art, this gallery prefers to keep theirs behind a closed door.

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Saks Fifth Avenue: Manhattan

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Lunch with the girls. Noisy, but good. Sat on the enclosed terrace with views out the windows of the roof top gardens on the buildings around Rockerfeller Center. Who knew they were there? Though the restaurant at Saks is relatively new, this marble floor and drain seem to have been around since the buildign was erected. Must have been part of the corporate offices at one time. They are now across 49th street.

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