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Danieli Hotel;Venice,Italy

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So much I could have shot like the marble sinks and fresh orchids and monogrammed hand towels, but in the end this old brass door latch seemed most emblematic of this opulent and gracious hotel. Lunch inside but close by the windows which overlook San Maggiore. Stunning even on a gray, drizzly day.

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Il Gattopardo:Manhattan

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So classy to have your logo, especially if it is a leopard, emblazoned on the hand towels. Like the Italian marble counter too and the look of the new digs for this favorite Italian restaurant. Thankfully it is still across 54th street from the MoMA. Serious competition for The Modern in my book.

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Goodspeed Opera House:East Haddam, CT

This is absolutely the fanciest porta potty I have ever been in. Aside from the faux Miro print on the wall, it has MARBLE sinks!!! Nothing is too good for the Goodspeed's 50th anniversary celebration.

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Curzon Theater:London,England

A marble box of a restroom stall is a strange experience after seeing "War Witch" at the opening of the Human Rights Watch London film festival. A film about child warriors and other atrocities in the Congo. Horrifying on every level. Progress, though slow, is being made through organizations like this.

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New York Public Library: Manhattan

I must e getting old as I find myself feeling very nostalgic about these old city restrooms with their ancient marble walls.

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The Frick:Manhattan

One if my favorite museums with a restroom that is almost as transporting as the art in its ability to harken back to another era. The marble walls and staircase, the pair of vanity tables? The 3 porcelain pedestal sinks and this dairy display if paper cups. How civilized.

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Latanzi: Manhattan, NY

I am becoming a bit obsessed with how extra rolls of toilet paper are stacked. This seems practical, yet elegant given the marble shelf and the Italian tiles. This is my brother's go to restaurant before the theater. Dinner was fine, but the lemon ice, served in a frozen lemon rind, was awesome.

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The Ritz: San Juan, Puerto Rico

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This hotel has a super location and one of the best pool layouts I have ever seen for a large resort.  It is shaped like a cross so that, while it is one pool, the seating and swimming is in multiple sections and allows for some sense of seclusion.  The bathroom was far less splendid, despite the marble counter top, than I would have imagined.

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Member’s Dining Room, Metropolitan Museum: Manhattan

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This restroom is fine, but a long walk from the dining room and nothing special, unlike the dining room itself which has a reserved and elegant atmosphere partially created by its wall of slanting windows overlooking Central Park.  The food is delicious and the clientelle is interesting to observe if your lunch partner isn't.

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