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American Wing, Metropolitan Museum: Manhattan

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A beautiful restroom which reflects the sumptuous new American wing itself.  This is more like what I would have expected in the Member's Dining Room.

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Member’s Dining Room, Metropolitan Museum: Manhattan

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This restroom is fine, but a long walk from the dining room and nothing special, unlike the dining room itself which has a reserved and elegant atmosphere partially created by its wall of slanting windows overlooking Central Park.  The food is delicious and the clientelle is interesting to observe if your lunch partner isn't.

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Wadsworth Atheneum: Hartford, CT

Okay, so I lied and here is another out of sequence shot. I wasn't going to post this, but I keep thinking about it and wondering why there would be a picture k in such a small area above the light fixture above the mirro in a public bathroom.  Granted this is a museum, but a I can't imagine anything was ever intended to hang here. Heard the illustrious John Ashbery read from his latest book which is a translation of Arthur Rimbaud's Illuminations. More interesting to me were the readings of his own poems. Just when he was getting into a real grove, he was cut off from the reading by one of the staff saying we were out of time. Quite extraordinary.

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National Academy Museum: Manhattan

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This is one of the lesser known gems of the New York art world in my opinion.  The old mansion is a beauty and the art is never hung in a way that detracts from its original beaux arts architectural features.  There are always well and lesser known artists to discover in the bienniel show which is on now.  Love the funky, phallic light fixture too.

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Museo del Bario: Manhattan

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The museum recently finished a major renovation which included redoing the exterior facade of the building.  Judging from the condition of this sink in the ladies' room for the administrative offices, they did not lavish any of those dollars on themsleves.  A far cry from the fun, tile lines restroom off the main gallery!

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El Museo del Barrio: Manhattan

Each time I manage to make the trek up to this museum I am rewarded by the experience.  I love latin art from almost any era, but find the contemporary work especially appealing in its lack of over intellectualization and scrapy inventiveness.  Just look at how fun the tiles in the restroom are.

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Morgan Library: New York, NY

A friend saw this photo and said "I know where that is...its the MoMA.Nope!This museum is a gem and just blocks from my pied a terre in NYC.Love the cafe in the bright glass enclosed central court.Mostly adore the variety of exhibitions in the manageable little galleries.This day I saw 17 drawings by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres (1780–1867).The first was done when he was 13 years old.My sons couldn't even set the table at that age.

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Museum of Fine Art: Boston, MA

This may look like a presentable restroom to your eye, but let me assure you that it was pretty disgustingly dirty, as were the other 2 restrooms I used.Yes I was there for several hours exploring the new Art of the Americas wing,theNew American Cafe,the Chihuly installation and various exhibitions.My two favorites were Degas and the Nude and Beauty as Duty: Textiles and the Home Front in WWII Britain.I love this museum and vow not to let years go by before I return.Might bring a sani-wipe when I do.

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Institute of Contemporary Art: Boston, MA

Another thwarted restroom stop. Museums usually come up with a more elegant way of dealing with this.Still I was excited to make my first visit to this no longer new museum.Loved the interior, the cafe, the shop and the thought provoking exhibit Dance:Draw which we initially mistook-due to the ticker taker's accent- for an artist called Dan someone. It took 3 repetitions before we got straightened out..

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