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Dr. Pressman: New Haven, CT

Can you explain having little paper rose hearts in a podiatrist's restroom? And it isn't even February yet! Actually, this is the second heart motifed podiatrist I have been to in the past week.  Maybe it is "Love Your Podiatrist" month. Wish he had told me the injection I got for my neuroma was going to ache for hours and turn the top of my foot black and blue.  That would have been a lot more loving than hearts in the john.

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New Haven Lawn Club: New Haven,CT

So elegant.Love old clubs, especially when they are now dominated by women and open to letting you bring a dog into the meeting room.I was here for a board retreat for the literacy program READ TO GROW which was started a decade ago by my friend Roxanne Coady when she discovered that CT had one of the worst literacy rates in the country.Check it out at www.readtogrow.org.

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