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Bean and Leaf: New London, CT

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Kind of an unusual way to offer extra toilet paper.  Too bad the restroom wasn't cleaner. This still seems to be a popular hang out for students and artists. Happily it was a lovely day and we were able to sit outside and soak up some late summer heat.

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Social Security Office: New London,CT

Lost my social security card eons ago and now, if you want to renew your driver's license so that it will get you through airport security, you have to have all kinds of proof of identity. So off I went to get a new card. It was actually a painless procedure in a clean, cool office with only a 15 minute wait. Hello DMV... it can be done!

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The Commoner: New London, CT

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This is not the entrance to the restroom, but an ornamental curiosity on the inside of the door. Doubious decorating, but the renovating interior overall was pleasing as was the dinner. A nice addition to the dining options of this city.

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Lyman Allyn Museum: New London

I love this old fashioned restroom with its white tiles and wooden stall doors. And I have never had to wait to use one.

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Public Library: New London, CT

This sign makes sense, especially given the condition of the bathroom which did not have a handy shelf or any other safe place to place anything. The library is one of the eleven sites around New London to view one of the Poetry of the Wild installations. Boxes containing a poem and response journal will be in place until the end of August. Check it out.

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Lyric Cafe: New London, CT

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Having spent a decade of my life deeply entrenched in this city and having been a bystander of its goings on over the past two years, it is a shock to now discover the new places that have sprung up during my inattentiveness. This little restaurant, in the first building I thought of buying in the city, is a perfect example. A cute spot in the middle of State St. with an interesting menu and a long walk to the restroom which is in another part of the building. Such is New London.

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Mitchell College: New London,CT

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This is the message in the restroom on this college campus.  Warning about ATD...Airborn Transmitted Disease.  This was in the Men's room actually, so cannot say what is in the Women's. It was the closest restroom after going up the stairs and I would have had to pass through 2 classrooms, turn right and then left to get to the Women's. As the area was empty and the classroom unlit, I took a chance. Was in and back to my meeting in a flash.

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Thames River Greenery: New London, CT

Yes, its a flower shop. Pretty sweet.

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Child & Family Agency: New London, CT

Just what a good social service Agency should be- green. They not only protect the environment, but also some 13,000 children and families in southeastern CT. A terrific organization.

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