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Little Owl:Manhattan

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Originally was going to attach a photo of the restroom sign which says LOO, but then I opened the door and saw the RED toilet. How could I resist? This is a tiny and charming west village eatery. The food did not live up to its reputation for me, but was fine and nicely presented. Not sure why the water glasses have red roosters on them rather than owls, but I had a set just like them years ago, so they evoked a pleasant nostalgia.

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Arthur Ashe Stadium: US Open, Flushing,NY

Any place that has red in the restroom is okay with me. And if I am about to see a match between Azarenka and Hantuchova.

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Fuller Building:Manhattan

When you go to galleries in buildings like this you usually have to get a key to use the public restroom. Loving red as I do, wanted to share with you. Howard Greenberg specializes in photography and always has spectacular exhibitions.

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Bar Italia:Manhattan

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I would enter any room that had Sophia Loren's image attached to it. How much better that the sink and walls are red. Delicious food in a fun space which was small and crowded but not noisy. No music. Love that!

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Now I see where the airport restroom color scheme derived from. How wonderful to visit the actual home of Bauhaus design and absorb the philosophy of that movement first hand. How beautiful the shadows from the simple functional forms of this stall are. Sorry for the blurry shot.

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Berlin Airport:Germany

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The last thing I expected to find at my first restroom stop- especially in the airport- was a red palette. Notice that even the little trash can and toilet brush are in the color scheme. Whoa. Do you think they expect users to scrub up after themselves?

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USOpen: Flushing Meadows, NY

Red is the hot color this year in restrooms as well as clothing it seems. How lucky am I to be back at the Open to see Andy Roddick's last career match which he lost to Juan Martin del Potro of Argentina in 4 action packed sets. Thank you to my brother who was away on a business trip and gifted me his box seat. My group of 4 kept thinking we would leave after the end of the next set, but by the time it came, the match was too close to call. Worth getting to bed at 1am.

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US Open: Flushing, NY

Love going to the Open. This year my friends and I left extra early so we were in the gates and ready to watch tennis at 11am rather than arriving late and needing to eat lunch immediately. Think the restroom could have been tidier considering the hour. Watched lots of great stars crush their first round oponents and went to our usual haunt, Mojitos, for yummy Cuban food, though passed on the pitcher of drinks this year due to the excessive heat. It helped that we hired a driver to make the long journey less tiring. Will never drive ourselves again.

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Private Home: Watch Hill, RI

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I have never seen stamped leather wall covering. I thought it was very cool, especially as orange is one of my favorite colors.  Not sure I would have used it in a beach house that was otherwise quite chintzy, pale bluey and conservatively decorated. Can't beat the sunset over the harbor in this quaint beachside town.

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Wadsworth Atheneum: Hartford,CT

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31st Annual Fine Art and Flowers this week at the Atheneum and the theme reached into the restrooms as well. I went for a lecture by Stephen Orr, Editorial Director of Gardening at Martha Stewart Living. No dirt on Ms. Martha, just a story about how she brings baskets of eggs in for the staff from her chicken coops, but lots to say about sustainable gardening, the topic of his new book "Design and Inspiration for a New Age of Sustainable Gardening". One of the friends I was with remembered coming to this event 29 years ago. Guess we were early on the flower cart.

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