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Officers Open Mess,Coast Guard Academy: New London, CT

What a pairing... an antique desk with fake flowers and white wicker. Still, I was expecting something much more sterile from this setting. I had never, despite all my years in business in New London, been to the Academy. What a spot overlooking the Thames River and beautifully planted and manicured. Can't say much for the lunch which I thankfully did not have to eat as I had a prior lunch date. Did hear a survivor of Hitler's death camps and a Vet who was part of the liberation of Dachau speak of their experiences. One can never stop being stunned at what we do to each other in the name of some higher goal. Yet we continue to let it happen.

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XO Yoga: Chester, CT

A new session of Yin yoga has started and on the first anniversary of my husband's death. Good timing. Got a difficult day off to a wonderful start. Thank you Marjorie! Like this hot new red tee that the studio is offering.

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Mobil Station: Fairfield, CT

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Another surprising highway reststop. Actual art on the wall. I have been in large homes which did not have anything as tasteful as this.

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Corcoran Gallery: Washington, DC

It really does make you proud to go to the galleries in our capital.  Everything is free and clean.  Even the metro.  And you should see the train station! Loved the Annie Liebowitz exhibit "Wanderings" of her travel around the country visiting sites that are particularily meaningful to her.  A total change from the rest of her ouvre.

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Volta: Boston, MA

A long day, a wet walk to this restaurant in the rain, a couple of glasses of wine and it feels like I'm seeing double. Really they are side by side doublicate stalls, but you might have convinced me otherwise.

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