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Hilton Hotel:Berlin

Here is the lobby sign directing guests to the toilets. Now you know what to look for when you are in Germany. If you do get to Berlin, don't miss the Sammlung Hoffman collection. A private collection of contemporary art displayed in the owner's residence and open only on Saturdays from 11 to 4.also visited the Neue National Gallerie which is not so new anymore but is a wonderful Mies Van der Rohe building with an exciting collection. />

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Berlin Airport:Germany

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The last thing I expected to find at my first restroom stop- especially in the airport- was a red palette. Notice that even the little trash can and toilet brush are in the color scheme. Whoa. Do you think they expect users to scrub up after themselves?

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Terminal 1: Kennedy Airport

If the quality of an airline was based on their terminal restroom as they say the cleanliness of a restaurant kitchen is thus reflected, then I might reconsider boarding my Air France flight. I am headed to Berlin via Paris. I won't get into the city, but should have time for some power Orly shopping.

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Air France: New York

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Pleased to report the restroom on the air plane is spotless. And it has Clarins face products. Formidable.

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Julia Balfour

Don't normally see an old fashioned tub in a business setting. Most businesses aren't in an early 1800's house. So you know, now I have transferred from blogspot to WordPress and am good to go out to the world.

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Mobil Gas Station:I-95, Greenwich,CT

Whose idea do you think it was to hang a Norman Rockwell print in this restroom? Whoever has my approval. Maybe there was an art budget for the renovations that have been taking place up and down 95. What a thought.

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New Museum: Manhattan, NY

Suprisingly for an institution which displays such challenging art, the restroom was exceedingly bland. I thought my leggings would be the most interesting shot.

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Coffee’s Market: Old Lyme,CT

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How pathetic is it to have to stop and pee 3 miles into a bike ride having done so before leaving the house? Thankfully I made it the next 22 without having to stop.I like the country theme here. Very fitting.

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Mobile Station: Guilford,CT

I have it on good authority that this station consistently has the lowest prices along the shoreline.

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Art Space: New Haven,CT

Now this is what I call a fun restroom. Like the curly cue toilet rool holder as well.

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