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The Stockton Inn: New Hope, PA

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What is there to say? A solid wood door with a solid wood sign.  Why am I in PA?  My son is getting married in the fall and the wedding will be in New Hope.  We were scouting locations for the rehearsal dinner.  It will not be here.

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Cygnet Restaurant: Beverly Farms, MA

Nothing like carrying the restaurant theme into the restroom.  Met up with old friends after a day of house hunting with my son and daughter-in-law. We had a super evening and a delicious meal.  And they found a house the next day!

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Daryl Roth Theater: Manhattan

Can you see what I saw? The still water in the bottom of the sink? The ragged and warped edge of backsplash meeting countertop? The peeling paint? Okay, so the ladies room was gross, but the show which my son took me to see "Fuerza Bruta"- Brute Force- was unlike anything I have experienced. So I will quote their promo: " floods the senses with a nonstop collision of dynamic music, visceral emotion, and kinetic aerial imagery. And best of all, you are at the center of the action" for 70 amazing minutes.

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Haru Sushi: New York

Those Japanese are so tasteful. Everything about our meal was lovely, unusual for a chain restaurant.  The torrential rain meant that we arrived on the soaked side of damp- especially my daughter who insists on wearing birkenstock sandals even in late December. Some warm sake and hot tea and an excellent assortment of sushi and other delights soon had us warm and smiling. It was off to Grand Central for my son and daughter-in-law and to see Follies for my daughter and I. Don't miss this production.  It is visually and emotionally strong, has that show stopper song "I'm Still Here" and an all around stellar cast led by Bernadette Peters who did not disappoint for one second.

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Johnny Rockets: South Street Seaport, New York

My 30 year old son has type 1 diabetes and he gathered a dozen friends and family into team "Darth Pancreas"-yes he is a Star Wars afficinado- for the NYC ADA Step Out and Fight Diabetes Walk.The walk starts at the Seaport, goes over the Brooklyn Bridge, around a few blocks and then back.Knew I wouldn't make it but wasn't sure I would find a willing locale.Turned out there was a line of walkers and, surprise, it was a charming and clean restroom.Not so lucky on the way back when I poked my head into the port-a-lets they had set up by the bridge.TOO GROSS even for me.

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