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Comcast Center:Mansfield,MA

Plenty of stalls here and super clean. Think the Open could learn a thing or 2. What am I doing here? Allman Brothers concert - center section - row N. Binoculars! idon't need no stinkin'binoculars!

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480 W 42 St:Manhattan

Plenty of stalls here and not another soul inside. Unusual for a packed theater performance. Laughed until I cried in this totally entertaining evening of song and old fashioned clowning called Old Hats. I am in love with Bill Irwin. Anyone know if e is available?

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Hartford Stage:Hartford

A new angle on the tiles here. Love that there are so many stalls here. Interesting evening with Michael Baryshnikov and company performing two Chekov stories interpreted for the stage. Video, dance and music all part of the artistry.

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Hartford Stage;Hartford:CT

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Love the renovated restroom here. I counted 15 stalls. So many that ladies were waiting in line not realizing several were vacant. Also like the inventive sink and towel arrangement. The musical I was not so enthrall led with. Went because Charles Isherwood said it was the best he had seen in 20 years. Hello- what musicals is he going to? We left at the intermission.

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Real Art Ways: Hartford,CT

Fun idea to have a different RAW poster on each stall.Saw Sleepwalk With Me. Had some good moments and certainly shows how unfunny the life of a stand up comic can be.

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AA Lounge: San Juan

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Okay, so no one is actually going to sit on this little bench which is placed against the wall between the toilet stalls, but it makes for an attractive decoration and I also like the painting.

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Madison Art Cinemas: Madison, CT

The space in this ladies room  gets so crowded that the automatic paper towel dispensers keep being set off by people waiting in line and spitting out towels with no one there to use them. Makes the wait amusing and gets us talking and bonding. This chest sits in one of the two stalls and is totally out of sync with the 'decor" (which is lacking), as well as being useless (notice my purple purse on the floor in the right corner). Saw The Descendents and was underwhelmed except by Clooney's performance. Yes I have, and have had for a long time, a crush on him though I imagine it is unwarrented except for his acting talent and fabulous looks.

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Great Cedar Exhibition Hall: Foxwoods Casino,Ledyard, CT

Not as garish as one might have expected for a casino in the middle of Nowhere, CT and it was spotless with plenty of stalls. No, I was not here to play the slots, though one of the ladies I had lunch with did stay on to do so. We gathered to see DIANA:A CELEBRATION which runs through Jan. 15. The exhibition of Spenser family history and Diana memoribilia included home films of her childhood (adorable), items she owned as a child (kind of creepy), her actual wedding dress (awful), a room about her funeral (simultaneously sappy and moving) and a display of her clothing from start to finish (most look better in the photographs of her in them than on the mannequins). Part of the proceeds of the exhibit go to Diana's foundation which is a nice thing.

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New England Aquarium: Boston, MA

Should have showed more floor.It was really fun.Unlike the wedding reception I was attending here.Should have known how bad the dinner would be when I had to spit out the hors d'oerve I tried.Loved the juxtaposition of real penguins and men in penguin suits all strutting around and eyeballing each other.No.The best part was walking around the massive fish tank which stretches up 4 stories.Glad I came late AND left early.

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