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Twin Cinema:Jackson Hole,WY

If my local theater had this image on the restroom door I would always emerge in a jolly mood regardless of how much I liked the movies. In this case, having seen The Butler, I can say I liked it a lot.

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Lyme Academy College of Fine Art:Old Lyme,Ct

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I think it is odd to have this kind of year away sign for counseling services. Usually it is for house cleaning or dog walking. I was part of a panel discussion talking about "Making It" in the art world. Was not looking forward to it, but turned out to be fun. Rushing off to the theater now with friends in a spur of the moment move.

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Richard Rogers Theater: Manhattan, NY

This theater has been renovated. Don't know if they added the angels, but they were adorning several walls and totally adorable. Plus there are so many toilets, the line moved steadily and I was in and out before intermission was half over. Good thinkj as my seat was two flights up. Thought I would be too high to appreciate The Gershwin's Porgy and Bess, but not at all. Had a great view of the entire stage and could hear every word that the talented cast and sublime Audra MacDonald sang.

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Yale Reperatory Theater: New Haven, CT

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Few theaters hold as many wonderful theatrical memories for me as this one. The walls are sprinkled with photos from them and I well remember seeing the one pictured-"The Piano Lesson" by August Wilson- when it premiered here. Also Meryl Streep as an undergraduate in "The Idiots Karamotzov"! Tonight's world premier was "The Realistic Jonses" by Will Eno, of "Thom Pain" fame,  directed by Sam Gold. An interesting play which we were glad to see, but only gave a rating of 6 out of 10. Glad the Rep is pushing the boundaries as there are plenty of revival and long runs to be seen other places.

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Barrow Street Theater: Manhattan

The curtain ws due to go up at 7:30, so was kind of on the run for this one. Actually there is no curtain at this little theater in the west village. It is in the round. Does great plays and Tribes was no exception. Deep and difficult on the topic of deafness. However, there is always the joyous consumption of a delicious gelatto at the shop next door. I had terra misu, but wished I had gone for the mango that my friend let me taste. Yummy.

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Public Theater: Manhattan

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This was the first of several visits to the restroom as I was at the theater to see Gatz, a complete dramatic reading of The Great Gatsby. It lasted for 8 hours including intermissions and a break for dinner. I bailed after the last intermission. Ingenious concept, well directed and quite entertaining... to a point. 11pm is past my bedtime these days.

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Destinta Theater: Middletown, CT

Classy look I think. How many movie theaters have color coordinated waste cans on top of being reasonably clean? Saw Iron Lady. Meryl Streep is my hero. She is an amazing actress and I thought it was a good film despite being from the dementia affected point of view of Mrs. Thatcher.

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Booth Theater: Manhattan

I know, another out of sequence shot.  I am getting all cleaned up and will be back on track now. My querry here- no surprise- is why is there ALWAYS a line outside the Ladies' room at the theater and rarely the Mens'? Went to see Other Desert Cities. Not as big a fan as the critics. Good acting, but I didn't like a lot of the dialogue or the twists that the story took. Next week is Richard III with Kevin Spacey. Can't wait for that.

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Orso: Manhattan

This is one of my favorite pre or post theater restaurants. I have had many a delicious meal and seen many a lucious star here. Better be brushed up on your Roman heros however or you might end up in the wron rest room.  Hint: Women should enter the door with Medus'a head.

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The Kate: Old Saybrook, CT

Nice combination of tiles in this ladies' room.  Also great programming.  I go here to see the Metropolitan Opera in HD performances. Today it was The Enchanted Island.  Magical costumes, a wonderful take on Shakespearean themes of mistaken identity and a cast of fantastic voices and production staff.

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