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Alitalia #610:Rome, Italy

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Someone splashed water in this pack of tissues which makes it sort of interesting. 16 hours in Rome is only enough to remind me if what an amazing city it is. Our ancestral past on almost every street. Ciao Bella. A presto.

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Parking Lot Bush:Idaho

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Hard to find a hidden spot by a parking even in a rural town. Off on a 25 mile bike ride in Idaho, a mere 20 minutes over the pass from Wyoming. Hope the pedaling expends more liquid than the drinking inputs. Dry climate so one has to drink a lot of water, especially when exercising. We know what that means.

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My Private Home:Manhattan

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Having been born under a water sign- astrologically speaking, I understand why I installed these two paintings in my bathroom. Also explains my attraction to watery colors of aqua and teal.

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Tortola Airport:Tortola

On an island like this where water is at a premium it seems amazing that there would be a flowing leak in the faucet. Off to Florida. Stay tuned.

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Metro North:New Haven,CT

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Yippee. A new toilet seat. And running water and a working hand dryer.

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Metro North:Stamford,CT

An unusually third world restroom on this car. Doesn't standing water invite disease?

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MetroNorth:near Manhattan

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Here is another sign and concept I love: the 3-in-1 hand cleaning station. On the right you pump soap, in the middle you get rinsed and on the left warm air blows you dry. Could have used one of these when my boys were young.

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Ikea:New Haven,CT

Had a doctor's appointment in new Have- yes my neuroma is still bothering me- and decided to pop in here to see if I could find a rug for my yoga platform or a new desk chair. No luck with either. Ended up with one roll of Christmas paper which has Swedish looking Santas all over it. Wanted a bottle of water, but there was no one at that register and the line for junk food, the alternative payment spot, was too long to bother with. Cut backs be damned.

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Museo del Barrio: Manhattan

Once I focused on one of the accent tiles that dot the walls of this restroom, I realized how much they look like pebbles in the water. They are not three dimensional even though they look like it here.

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Metro North

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Man...I barely wash my hands in this water. Does anyone really think someone might DRINK it?

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